Our Employee


BOE Varitronix values its employees and is committed to provide an ideal workplace in which its staff members may grow and develop. The company’s policy is to ensure that all employees achieve personal growth in their careers, and training is therefore encouraged.

We understand employees are the greatest assets of a company and for a successful company the greatest investment we can make is in people. Our training aims at fostering personal development, teamwork, problem solving, and interpersonal skills which they provide a lifetime values for an individual as they grow their career at BOE Varitronix.

People Caring

The Hong Kong Headquarters was accredited with the “HSBC Living Business ESG Award” by the HSBC Living Business Awards 2019. The Award recognises the Group’s outstanding performance in aspects of staff training and development, employee communications, equal opportunity, staff welfare, work-life balance, family-friendly practices, occupational health & safety and supply chain management.

Work-life Balance

Work–life balance is having enough time for work and enough to have a life, thus the work life balance. It is a concept including proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle” (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation. The company encourages work-life balance and we participated a variety of events that combine charity and sports to encourage healthy living for our employees.

We Care

BOE Varitronix has been presented with the Caring Company Award by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for 10 consecutive years. The Hong Kong Council of Social Services recognises the contributions a company makes towards building strategic partnerships among business and non-profit organisations to create a more cohesive society in Hong Kong.

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