Optical Bonding
The best display solution for Automotive OEM

TFT LCD are susceptible to glare and reflection from direct sunlight or high-bright applications. Air gap bonding is the traditional bonding technology, an air gap between the TFT panel, touch panel and the cover glass. Having an air gap causes repeat refraction between each component level of the display in high-brightness environment and the results are reduced contrast and legibility of the display. To reduce the refraction inside these components, optical bonding resolved the air gap problem between each component level of the display. The refraction is minimized by the OB layer which gives greater contrast and makes the screen more viewable in outdoor or high brightness conditions without the need to increase the brightness of the screen itself and result a better image quality. Contrast is one of the biggest problems for outdoor display because the more ambient light that’s reflected from the screen, the harder it is to read. Optical bonding reduces the amount of ambient light that’s reflected (i.e. increases the contrast ratio) & therefore improve sunlight readability

Reduces Reflection

With air-gap bonding screen, the air gap between the TFT panel and cover glass creates opportunities for refraction which bounces external light source back off the screen to the viewer as glare. While optical bonded together, the light passes through the bonded layers and is absorbed somewhat into the screen. Optical bonding is therefore important in making screens sunlight readable and this is also a very important requirement for automotive maker to improve the driving experience and safety.

Greater Contrast

By bonding the TFT panel and cover glass together it removes the interruptions and chances for light reflection. More light gets through to the surface of the screen and therefore the image is brighter.

Optical bonding display offer an ultra-wide 178° viewing angle

Increase Durability

The additional resin layer in optical bonding absorbs shock. This provides high durability for use in public access areas, factories, or other harsh environments. The resin bonding layer also physically prevents dust and liquid ingress from getting between the TFT panel and cover glass. This resolve the problem of condensation can cause screens to become foggy from moisture that penetrates the air gap.

Optical Bonding Increase Accuracy

In an optical bond, light passes through a single index of refraction, eliminating parallax to give user the most accurate touch for the most natural and reliable experience.

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