Connected cars are becoming part of the IoT transport ecosystem in the coming future

New cockpit designs are needed to fulfill the demands of connected space

Media use is one of the focus; future vehicle will become an entertainment space. Watch you favorite series, the latest movies or enjoy entertaining apps and games. The ultra-wide dashboard also acts as a central entertainment center in autonomous driving mode.

Conventional display are soon reaching their limits on the path of automated driving and fully interconnected vehicles. BOE Varitronix offer customized cockpit design for customer to fulfill different demands and style of future automobile display.

The future of Intelligent Cockpits
Consumers increasingly expect to be connected all the time. Consequently, automotive connectivity needs to be state-of-the-art. Systems should not only be open and futureproof, but must also meet the highest standards of reliability and security

Cockpit Customization

W-curved cockpit

Curved Black Diamond cockpit with curvature radius 3000mm

BOE Varitronix’s team offer a various of cockpit design from flat large display to curved, V-curved, W-curved and S curved.

A selection of cover lens, display surface and touch integration, combing with optical bonding to produce stunning automotive cockpit in a whole new page.

Contact Us now if you are looking for customize cockpit display solution and our professional engineer will be of your assistance.

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