The Future Of True Black

Mini LED Display

BOE Varitronix Mini-LED displays can offer deeper, darker blacks, brighter white, richer colors and higher contrast up to 1,500,000 : 1 because there is more control over what’s displayed on the screen with many tiny LEDs that are less than 0.2mm

Local Dimming Technology

Full array mini LED backlighting not only makes the display noticeably brighter but also allows the display to precisely control the lighting to preserve contrast. Because there are more LEDs and more dimming zones, mini-LED displays can offer deeper darker black and fine details

Compare the OLED technology, BOE Varitronix mini-LED has the cost advantages and higher reliability, it is the optimized display for automotive. Mini LED feature for large digital cockpit display, Central Information Display (CID). Ultra-High Contrast Ratio by local dimming, high Color gamut NTSC ≥98% and In-Cell TDDI Multi-Touch.

BD Display

BD Cell is an innovative display technology developed by BOE, a significant improvement of contrast ratio which go beyond the conventional LCD screens can achieve which remarks a new breakthrough in the (TFT)-LCD technology.

Dual-cell panel

The BD display designs with two layers of black-and-white and color cells for the display, and use pixel-level ultra-fine backlight control technology and local dimming technology to reach the million-level contrast ratio rate and higher color depth which accurately display more natural and true-to-life colors.

Halo Free

The BD dual cell eliminated Halo (Mura) effect, minimized light leakage and zone overlap. BOE Varitronix Black Diamond display is a perfect solution feature for digital automotive cluster and large cockpit display with the high demand of contrast ratio and true black effect. 

Innovation Awards

SID 2020 The Display Industry Award

CES 2020 Global Top Brands of Innovative Display Application

CES 2020 The Global Top Brands Awards by IDG