Leadership is about taking responsibility

BOE Varitronix is determined to be the market leader in automotive display and solution provider business. The development strategy of the company will strive to strike a balance in a practical way to achieve profitable growth with environmental production and support the local communities where we have an invested presence.

Over the past years, the company has developed streamlined operating processes and energy-efficient hardware to lessen energy and water utilisation, improved the use of resources and investigated new means for environmental preservation.

Environmental Policy

BOE Varitronix understands its greatest opportunity to drive sustainable outcomes and mitigate environmental risks is during the development process. We have established sustainability standards in all of our operating regions, and we encourage the evaluation of new technologies and initiatives to optimise the sustainability growth.

  • Energy Consumption
    • Heat energy recycling system
    • Continued reduction of electricity, water and paper consumption
    • Design power-saving LCD product, e.g. Bistable Cholesteral Display (BCD)
  • Education
    • Annual environmental knowledge quiz competition
    • Annual tree-planting activity since 2007
    • Environmental seminar
    • Departmental competitions
  • Emission Control
    • Gas is treated before discharge
    • Reverse Osmosis Water and urban waste water is treated and recycled
    • Solid waste is collected by legal vendors
  • Achievement
    • Accredited with ISO14001 since 2005
    • Accredited with QC080000 since 2008