The future of digital world

BOE Varitronix one-stop integrated touch solution provided a conductive environment for innovation in technology and digital. Over the past few years, IoT has become one of the most important technologies of the 21st century. Now that we can connect everyday objects such as kitchen appliances, cars, thermostats, baby monitors etc to the internet via embedded devices, seamless communication is possible between people, processes, and things. BOE Varitronix touch technologies allow an interface to access a more complex connected devices or smart devices which traditional knobs and buttons interface are simply uncapable and limited user’s access to a computed device.

BOEVx Touch Technology

FIT (Full In-cell Touch)

In-cell touch integration technology enables full in-cell integration that enhance image quality by optimizing cell efficiency, reducing the number of layers in the display which reduce internal reflection therefore better black uniformity. Full in-cell touch display has the advantage of requiring only a single flexible printed circuit connector, thus reducing costs and improving reliability for automotive application.

TDDI (Touch and Display Driver Integration) improves displays’ design and manufacturability based on a single chip architecture. When combined with full in-cell designs, TDDI provides the display layers with superior touch performance, reduced power consumption, reduce process flow and simplify supply chain therefore accelerated time to market, and greater reliability.

OGS (One Glass Solution)

OGS (One-Glass-Solution) is a touchscreen technology which reduces the thickness of a display by removing one of the layers of glass from the traditional GG (glass to glass) capacitive touchscreen stack. Adding the BM (black mask) between the glass substrate of the SITO sensor and the ITO will form the OGS sensor. Sensor glass will act as a cover glass with SITO facing down which is attached to the TFT display module.

OGS is cover glass integrated touch which the process reduces the thickness of current capacitive touch panels by combining the touch panel and cover lens and removing the air gap. It is design for the result of better transmittance, increase efficiency due to the simplified design and reduction of layers to achieve a thinner display module.

SITO (Single-Sided Indium Tin Oxide) &
DITO (Double-Sided Indium Tin Oxide)

Glass sensor is composed on a piece of glass and most of the time they are cover with a Cover Lens (plastic or glass) to protect the ITO and the wiring of the sensor.

SITO capacitive touch solution adopted the bridge design with insulation coating, enable Tx and Rx electrodes are form on a single side of the sensor surface with the metal sputtering process which enable narrow border product.

DITO capacitive touch solution is commonly use in touch industry due to its cost advantage and touch efficiency. As Tx and Rx electrodes are formed respectively on top and at the bottom surfaces of a sensor glass. A single sheet of glass contributes a simple process flow without metal sputtering process. The reduction of material cost and simplified design gives DITO the advantage of cost efficiency and having similar glass thickness compare with SITO but eliminated the ITO bridge visibility issue.

BOEVx VxGG (Vx Glass-Glass)

Vx glass-glass (VxGG) structure is developed by BOE Varitronix that form Tx electrodes on the surface of an upper glass substrate and Rx electrodes on the surface of the lower glass substrate. Cover Lens is optional as the upper sensor glass can act as a cover lens.

BOE Varitronix VxGG sensor with cover lens is heavier and thicker than other glass sensor solution however with standardised VxGG production can offer the advantage of cost efficiency and the simplified design improve reliability for automotive and high-end industrial application.

BOE Varitronix VxGG coverless is an enhancement solution based on VxGG by removing the cover lens to reduce the weight and the thickness of the sensor glass without affecting the senor efficiency.

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