Passive Technology

Passive LCD Display

Liquid-crystal display (LCD) has become one of the world’s most popular display technologies. Today, LCDs are used in countless display applications, including automotive, whitegoods, mobile devices, human machine interfaces (HMIs), computer monitors etc.

Passive LCD is a low-cost option when a display is needed for an application that doesn’t require high information content.

Passive TN / ISTN

BOE Varitronix offer a large variety options of passive display to fit with different customer display contents. Unique LCD option for sunlight readability, high operating temperature and optimized optical performance with high contrast ratio and wide viewing design specific for automotive application. Free shape and customized LCD design is available for different customer needs.

Sunlight Readability

Sunlight readability can be enhanced by using transflective mode but this will cause pixel color shift to yellowish tint. 

BOE Varitronix added unique polarizer to enhance sunlight readability and keep the pixel color appear more whitish at the same time.

Passive IBN

IBN (Improved Black Nematic) displays are ideal for automotive and industrial applications 

where high contrast ratios and wide viewing angle displays are required to present segmented characters or pictograms.

IBN display is using Vertical alignment Liquid Crystal which is commonly used in TFT display. When adopt this technology into passive driven LCD, 

super high contrast ratio (>1000 :1) can be achieved while TN LCD can only achieve 50: 1 with static drive.

Wide View IBN (VW-IBN)

BOE Varitronix patented configurated IBN, no dark angle at all angle. The wide viewing angle provide the optimized optical performance in automotive 

suitable for different head position movement during driving, fit for drivers with different height and different sitting position.

VCI (VersiColor IBN)

Combine super high contrast ratio technology from passive IBN with VersiColor diffusor to form the unique VersiColor IBN (VCI).

VersiColor IBN utilize regional color diffusors and exquisite printing patterns for low-cost and low power consumption color information display 

with optimized optical performance suitable for automotive application

Available in free shape to fulfill customized stylish design with better cost advantage comparing with TFT

Stylish circular shape suitable for motorbike and marine application

Hybrid Display

Hybrid Display use two distinct types of display technology, VersiColor IBN and TFT to form the optimized yet cost effective display for automotive and industrial applications.

In a Hybrid Display, the VersiColor IBN area use for simple pattern or contents with high contrast color while the TFT area use for high information contents. In the hybrid display combination, VCI is available in free shape to fulfill customized stylish design with better cost advantage comparing with a single TFT display

VersiColor IBN is a good combination with TFT display because of it’s good color homogeneity which can create a seamless cockpit display with better cost advantage.

Incell Touch IBN

VersiColor IBN display and Hybrid Display can both input incell touch technology for higher user experience. 11 touch points function provide a better user experience in Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) for application like white goods device.

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