Knob On Display

A Revolutionary Rotary Knob with Touch

Physical controls design with mechanical haptics and true kinesthetic feedback

Knob On Display allows automotive OEMs to integrate physical control to a vehicle’s ultrawide touchscreen while reducing driver distraction, combining traditional rotary knob onto the touch display for automotive and industrial applications to optimize system interaction.

Knob On Display is an innovative product that designed to simplify system structure, no holes drilling required on the cover glass. Rotary knob can place almost every spot on a touch display which give more flexibility for interface design with better cost advantage.


Rotary knob is easy to reach and simple to operate for various function even when drivers are on the road.

Press Touch

Combine outcell touch for touch control, enhance mode switching function

User interface customization

Customized UI is no long boundary by the V-Touch Switch on the entire touch display and UI is also possible to design within the V-touch switch to provide additional command and information

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