0000030430 00000 n An improved design sporting a sailing canoe sail rig did however strike a spark as a possible profit making venture. Corny Sarge, October 27, 2017 in Dinghy Anarchy.

I did the other day and I got 10.9 knots.

RE sunfish speed---Sorry -I gave an incorrect title for the youtube video --the correct title is Sunfish Johnathan Martinetti Maxima Velocidad.--Very fast sunfish! No GPS. 0000039791 00000 n Planing allows the boat to achieve a speed greater than theoretical hull speed based on length at waterline (LWL). In the 1960s, a member of the New Canaan, Conn. Sunfish Fleet, John Black Lee, independently experimented with a conventional sail rig for the Sunfish.

However, a sunfish will go up on plane, so it's not really limited by the hull speed. In 1945, Alex Bryan and Cortlandt Heyniger created the Alcort company to produce their first boat design, the Sailfish.

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AMF marketed this more conventional sail plan as a performance version of the Sunfish in an attempt to compete with, among others, the newly emerging Laser. In 2017, Laser Performance (LP) announced the creation of a new governing body to manage the Sunfish Class, the International Sunfish Class Organization (ISCO), after the International Sunfish Class Association (ISCA), governing body since 1969, refused to sign a trademark agreement. What's really fun is the standing waves between the jetties in Masonboro Inlet when the tide is just right. However, this sail plan is not as old-world as it might first appear.

0000011239 00000 n Planing allows the boat to achieve a speed greater than theoretical hull speed based on length at waterline . I did the other day and I got 10.9 knots. Today, the Sunfish brand-name has become so widely known it is often misapplied generically to refer to any brand of board-style boat sporting the characteristic crab claw sail. Sunfish Builder Chronology 1952 - 1969 Alcort, Inc. (founded 1945) 1969 - 1986 AMF 1986 - 1988 Loveless & DeGarmo, dba, Alcort Sailboats Inc. 1988 - 1991 Pearson Yacht Co. 1991 - 1997 Sunfish/Laser, Inc. 1997 - 2007 Vanguard 2007 - Laser Performance Change in class rules permitted a new, slightly deeper daggerboard in the mid-1990's.

Of the two designs, only the Sailfish was originally a blueprint plan boat. Early in 2016, manufacturer Laser Performance moved production from Portsmouth, Rhode Island, US[5] to China[6] and boats were supplied to the 2016 World Championships.

0000010045 00000 n I've done the same thing probably in that exact same spot or very close, except it was a spinnaker on a Lightning.

SUNFISH SUNFISH RACE SUNFISH Rigging Manual 1 Parts of the Hull 2 Parts of the Sail 3 Sunfish Mast Kit 4 Bailer Installation 5 Ratchet Block Installation 6 Attaching the Sail to the Booms (Standard) 7 Attaching the Sail to the Booms (Race) 8 Rigging the Outhaul (Race) 9 Rigging the Cunningham (Race) 10 Stepping the Mast: Standard and Race 11 Attaching the Main Halyard: Standard and Race

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