Each of the Origin possesses an Origin Dumbbell, which when all 10 is slotted into a dial in the Choujin Graveyard, would wipe The Man and the Origin's existence. Puri-Puri Prisoner is a large muscular man with a stubbly, cleft chin, large lips, and black bushy hair. He made his debut in a 1–0 home win over Northampton Town on 3 August 2013, in the first match of 2013–14. Official English The Devil Choujins were notorious for being the most brutal and powerful choujins in the universe, surpassing even previously established brutal Choujin such as Ramenman or Warsman.

He uses various video-related techniques, such as pausing and shrinking a foe as one would a video. Revealing his face has miraculous properties, such as purifying a river or reviving the dead. He was modeled after Terry Funk and he is voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka. The chandelier then falls and crushes Gear Master, as Big Body laments the unfairness of the Gods. Bibinba is the primary love interest of Kinnikuman. He possesses a prodigious wrestling prowess, including being capable of doing the Muscle Spark at a young age, leading him to be imprisoned and erased from history for fear of his strength. Super Phoenix is able to perfectly execute the Muscle Revenger, one of the Kinniku clan's three sacred techniques, which lent credence to his claim for the throne. Black Hole is a black-colored Choujin who has a giant hole where his face is supposed to be. He faces Brocken Jr., who he was able to encase in his mummy package, but he was interrupted by a hooded Mongolman who breaks his neck with a Leg Lariat, killing him. [4], Later that night, all the remaining elves are exorcised after William Vangeance and Licht combine their magic to connect the elves to a giant tree through which Asta sends Anti Magic.[13]. His descendants are what would become the Kinniku clan. [11], As light shines out from the dungeon, Puli and her team begin glowing themselves. As the Silver Mask, he assists Kinnikuman to find the genuine Golden Mask, and to convince his brother to end their feud. During the Dream Choujin Tag arc, a group of Perfect Choujins infiltrate the tournament in order to hunt the masks of the competitors, in preparation of a full scale Perfect Choujin army invasion.

Big the Budo is Neptuneman's tag partner, taking the appearance of a giant bogu-clad warrior.

In the past, the seven were trapped in a space roach motel before being accidentally freed by Kinnikuman. They come to earth in order to challenge the strongest Justice Choujins, and they split Meat's body into seven pieces, each held by a separate member, in order to spur the Justice Choujins into action. Several days after the exam, Puli and the others selected to be Royal Knights all assemble in the Royal Capital and are placed under the command of Mereoleona Vermillion.

Satan is an antagonist that has been influencing the events of the series since Kinnikuman's fight with the seven Devil Choujins. She is renamed Belinda Muscle in the English-language Ultimate Muscle. His body was spiny like a, Miss Karasu (ミスカラス) is a bird-type Kaijū (, Kazuo Nakano is a frequent background character who serves as the, Yosaku is a guy who often pops up wherever there is a TV camera, doing an impromptu naked, Skull Boze is Devil Magician's tag team partner.

Planet Skull). He reappears in the Scramble for the Throne arc under the disguise The Samurai, being on the run from Omegaman for having cheated death. During the Scramble for the Throne arc, Omegaman uses his Omega Metamorphosis technique to channel Kamehame, but this backfires as Kamehame was able to wrest control from Omegaman and instead teaches Kinnikuman the 52 Submission Holds. Quarrelman had become dissatisfied by the lack of contenders when he encounters Neptune King, who bequeaths to him the Neptune Mask and dubs him the Perfect Choujin Neptuneman. Ashuraman is a six-armed, three-faced Devil Choujin, based on the Asura. He fights SteCasse King at the Red Square, and despite SteCasse King's early commanding lead, Turboman was able to defeat him with ease by channeling his stored energy into SteCasse King, destroying his limbs. Akuma Shogun surpasses and defeats Choujin Enma, destroying his Strong the Budo armor and winning the war for the Devil Choujins. Satan Cross appears as a four-armed Centaur Choujin with two faces.

In the last match of the semifinals, he teamed up with Zebra in a Tag Match against Kinnikuman and Robin Mask.

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