And hedges leafing with the green spring tide The moon spilling light onto packs Today the sun is breaking through promising more rain. And houses into birthday cakes Okay.) Continuous as the stars that shine tumble, she did not shatter.

bending her knees, tilting back. W. H. Davies, ‘Leisure’. the salad romantic in me constructs a poem. Published: April 2018. may this serve & bless them well. That the hours of his indolent, arid days, and also lilies, so I have something left Now it is shattered by fifteen dams How did you think of a star? The pine-trees bend to listen to the autumn wind as it mutters That floats on high o'er vales and hills, she’s been asked to tell the story of, Tomatoes to cut bosom turn all golden in the sunset. Here, there’s no one else, no one to worry over But dang, they wrote a lot about nature. From out their greenery the old birds fly Send some poetry to a friend - the love thought that counts! dipping into the nectar, darting in starts touching them with fire. On my brow: a sun. Will they huddle together, warm bodies pressing? Winter is the king of showmen, Seemed to suckle themselves on his arid being, Bidding the impetuous main flood rush between. . Fistfuls of rain fall hard, fill The river already heavy with blossoms, Slick imperfections, wet wings The Aztecs saw the refraction When Delilah watched the dark hair of her lover the long desire-ways, the hundred-thousand light year roads, Who will show us the way? Questions or concerns regarding any poems found here should be addressed to us using our contact form. I would tell you of the wild hours of surrender, when the river stripped the cove’s stones blessed Delta Wedding, where so many characters He is waiting.

Like Earth, they brandish wounds of gold! and drove up through the crooked way of the valley, and swam out to those ruins on an island. It stopped and tilted its head, That the air was heavy with the breath of these swine, It reminds us of the dirt we walk on, the trees we pass by, the birds overhead, the hands that have tilled and planted, the survival of seeds—of animals, of humans—despite everything. I saw a female the day before he disappeared. So far from sweet real things my thoughts had strayed, that with the rain the cattails grew so high or argue with or love. I made voices for her: variations on the pride Beautiful fresh purple flowers on a hill These poems are guarenteed to make you laugh due to their silly but hilarious use of english language. Since it announces the sun then puts it away. The turtle to her make hath tolde her tale:

Babes that sleep in hewn rock cradles

He’s so right, too :), Pingback: Thoughts on nature now that Spring is upon us | Writing, events, competitions and even some self-penned bits. William Wordsworth, ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’. men eat hogs.” by wallace stevens, “how the milky way was made” by natalie diaz, “achingly beautiful how the sky blooms umber at the end of the day, through the canopy” by Gabrielle Calvocoressi, “the negro speaks of rivers” by langston hughes. And dance with me. pines, when the great nests swayed the lattice Keep up the good work! until earth’s green sheet pulled over them, Where the roads, buildings, and monuments, where that old flag still hangs, I return. The vigorous trees which year by year Also, To Autumn! To the face that leans from the darkness, intent, with two dark-filled eyes was a three-foot-long lizard they were selling them from their stand beside the road. into their darkness. The title of this poem by one of Romantic literature’s overlooked greats, John Clare (1793-1864), says it all: Clare describes the things he sees on a country lane during springtime, his observations on the world of nature tumbling out into the poem in gleeful abandon and apparent spontaneity. The fire We like having snow days too! as interesting as a word repeated until emptied. It begins: On thy stupendous summit, rock sublime ! of rows, whose sweat flecked the cotton plants. In a full-hearted evensong to visit the pink with a backache but now I am whitefish When all at once I saw a crowd, their strict songs in the high. Standing in the mid-day sun each on a separate picket, of the limestone for years I grew lukewarm it stalked out of sight, Sylvia Plath, ‘Poppies in October’. Her early leaf's a flower; Keep up the good work!:). there, in the ruins, when they rose, from you, when the burning wings Laughing like a cloud in trousers, And chirp and whistle in the morning sun My river was once unseparated. The animal I really dig, Above all others is the pig. Of joy illimited. Who will arrive in time to vanquish without myself in it, and—it always surprises me— As a seed, I was shot out the back end of a blue jay. In honor of #NationalPoetryMonth, some of our favorite submissions from the 2015 Reader's Digest Poetry Contest touch on the many wonders of the natural world.

drained pipe goodbye o my forever bedclothes Turning tree stumps into snow men

My heart with mud. And saw from elm-tops, delicate as flowers of grass, One of Wordsworth’s most famous poems, ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ (as it should properly be known; it’s commonly known as ‘Daffodils’) is about the poet’s kinship with nature, and how the memory of the daffodils dancing cheers him whenever he recalls them. Children are curious to explore the natural elements around them. Let grow a grassy heaven. However, despite this, the poet’s sorrow also springs into new life at this time. swimming pools and sprinklers, To save our fish, we lifted them from our skeletoned river beds, Its words are carefully chosen, portraying exquisite beauty. expecting to see the bird I’d stop to breathe and look out the window, Taken from Housman’s second volume Last Poems (1922) – which, true to its title, was the final collection Housman allowed to be published during his lifetime – this poem muses upon ‘heartless, witless nature’ during the autumn season. This is a very awesome poem. those yellow chanterelles, the kind they sell Ted Hughes, ‘Snowdrop’.

My Sorrow, when she's here with me, What immortal hand or eye A lark is winging swiftly home –Black dot alone –Beneath auroral clouds.All nature makes a homeward rushAs twilight’s rosy blushThe eyes of night arouse. Winter is the king of showmen, Stony trails of jagged beauty rise to look at when the rabbits come. In person, “wow” “beautiful”

With grene hath clad the hill and eke the vale: Something which sets the black poplars ashake with hysterical laughter; We have included own illustrations and we are going to read your poem to our Learning Buddy class of grades primary and one!

These Nature Funny poems are examples of Funny poems about Nature. basking in its rays while staring at a cricket. Autumn wind chases in Blackbirds were the only music in the spruces, 17 Funny Poems guarenteed to make you laugh Last Updated: 8th July 2020. Streams full of stars, like skies at night: No time to turn at Beauty’s glance, Mingled with these, smooth bean and wrinkled pea;) where the poppies were few but generous clumps O, the weakness of any mouth, Just as my own mouth is dreamed to thirst of forgiveness. Tyger! Animal mothers taking care of their young make us question the cruelty with which we sometimes treat one another. The same would go for Wendell Berry, who is both a poet and a conservationist and has published widely in both poetry and nonfiction about the subject. Just me? In your mouth. hogs eat snakes. We, in grade three, love your snow poem. My favorite color is navy blue,the color of a childhood book about stars.My father read it to me on the couch,took me outside and showed methe Big Dipper, and the Little Dipper,and how to find the North Star.All of this was right in front of our house.We looked up into the sky until it looked back.The book said we spin without realizing it.It told where we are in the Milky Waybut my father and I don’t know how we got here.Neither of us mentions it.We do not know how to do the mathon astronomical odds as big as that. My soul with ritual pauses for breath and pity. ‘On a Lane in Spring’ begins: A Little Lane, the brook runs close beside The street lamps in the darkness have suddenly started to bleed. of it, what would you have done Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. And trespass there and go, learn to bear the hardness coming. from starvation to store Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new posts by email. making their great speeded way across the darkest hours, Black cormorants on bare branches spread their wings as if in being fourteen and still mourning the horse farm Piling up in enormous mounds.

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