Thank you, Habitat Furniture! He, then, became head of design at that institution, before retiring in 1961. Other supported subject vocabularies are also available and can be selected by using the drop down displayed at the top of the tab (note that these can take a little while to load). The Advanced Search popout allows you to build/refine complex queries all in a single tabbed popout.

Fred did not use a dark stain on lighter coloured timbers, but employed local timbers like Blackwood, myrtle, coach wood, fiddle back and white gum for his furniture.

He put his talents to good use during the second world war by helping in the design and manufacture of aircraft. For example you may see 3 subjects all showing a (1) beside them. Enter a time period range by using the From Year and To Year Fields. He was practically forgotten at the time of his death in 1990, but his work now enjoys renewed interest among collectors and the general public. It also includes correspondence and personal papers.

Commissioned Plans, Drawings and Notes. He showed his furniture in Reed’s gallery and collaborated with other artists, such as painter Sam Atyeo and fabric designers Michael and Ella O’Connell. In 1949 Fred Ward was appointed as Design Consultant to the Australian National University, working with Professor Brian Lewis designing furniture to be used in the university's buildings. He used native Australian timber such as white gum, blackwood, fiddle-back, myrtle and coachwood, seeking to highlight their grain and colour. Site by. Fred Ward Australian console. There are also some group and portrait photographs of Ward in this collection. In 1948, Fred designed the first chair made by Fred Lowen and Ernest Rodeck at their backyard factory of the time. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are advised that the MAAS website contains a range of Indigenous Cultural Material. Data records in Research Data Australia fall into one of four access types: The number of records available in each access type will be displayed at the end of the access literal E.g ‘Open(23)’. Robert and Julie-Ann Hawkins

Note to change or redraw a region simply carry out the above steps again. The personal archive of Fred Ward, used by researcher Robyn Butlin who gave the archive to the Museum on Martin Ward's behalf. Solid Myrtle Wood. In the empty value field in the 1st Query Row enter the search term ‘Rain’. Release the mouse to finish. Allocation of this particular system of drawing identification seems to have been used by Ward in all his furniture commissions. The story of Fred Ward’s design legacy proves that genius and vision will never stay hidden for long. Fred did not use a dark stain on lighter coloured timbers, but employed local timbers like Blackwood, myrtle, coach wood, fiddle back and white gum for his furniture.

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As university designer, he had oversight over campus planning as well as furniture and interior design.

© 2019 Habitat Furniture. Organi?ations. The Time Period tab allows you to restrict your search to only records which contain Temporal Coverage* information which falls within a specific year range. All Rights Reserved, Showed professionalism with high quality products. I ordered another 4 drawer filing cabinet & was amazed when it was able to be delivered just a week later! Previous owner Poppy was great and Dana is keeping up the standards. Dana & Don provided fantastic service & took so much care to match the colour of the stain precisely to all my other pieces. We will keep you on speed dial because we know you can do wonders and provide us with style, quality and substance that can't be found anywhere else. In 1934, he launched his ‘austere unit range’ of furniture for Myer. This homely business provides a fantastic service that I will continue to use for my future furniture needs. The tab also allows you to modify your search by removing filters. He took the speakers away and had the team craft the new boxes to the exact same dimensions from lovely Tasmanian oak to match the media unit in the family room, taking one of the drawers of the unit with him so that the colour match with the unit was precise, and it is perfect.

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Website, ARDC Online The prefix 'UH' refers to University House and 'PL' Portline Building. They can order things for you and make to measure. I can see why they have won best small businesses award 2 years in a row! Fred Ward design for Myer Heritage desk C1950s. He began his artistic career as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist for the Bulletin and had a stint at the Melbourne Herald in 1929.

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