12 volt battery voltage readings

Like batteries from a toy with a motor to a clock or a tv remote. Cheers. 2. As mentioned above cold weather needs to be considered as this will decrease the voltage and increase the amount of power to turn over a cold engine. My Prius has had trouble starting a couple times in the last month or so. Knowing your car batteries voltage is important in understanding the condition of the battery and the likelihood that it could fail.

For instance, a 6 volt battery will have 3 cells(3 x2.2= 6.6 volts), a 12 volt battery will have 6 cells(6 x2.2=13.2 volts) and so on.That 2.2 volts is the fully charged, straight off the charger number. 3. BUT, if a battery has been in “discharge” for a very long time, then “dead” as we know it is the state of the battery and it will be tough to “revive” that battery. The charging process emits a highly flammable gas that can be ignited by any open flames. Attach the 12-volt car headlamp to the positive(+) and negative(-) terminals of the battery.

They dont last forever. As @tcmichnorth says do a load test . I threw my hydrometer out probably ten years ago. I read on PriusChat that it might be the 12v battery so I decided to check the voltage readings with a multimeter. Your car battery provides your vehicles electrical needs when the engine isn’t running. If you are 13 years old when were you born?

If you below that threshold, you have yourself a “dead” battery. If you go above that threshold, then you have yourself a possibly “dead” battery—in another sense. A meter reading of 12.2 volts or 12.0 volts will indicate a charge rate of 50 percent and 25 percent, respectively. What about stop/start batteries? In other words, you can revive or make the battery useable by charging it or transferring the voltage of a working battery—this “death” refers to only a discharge. I recently bought one for about same price as you.

Percentage of Charge 12 Volt Battery Voltage Specific Gravity 100 12.70 1.265

– This problem is why people get a reminder that they should (and you should) keep a cleaning session in good stead because if it is not the battery, it is most likely the terminal. For the last couple decades or more, every one I’ve bought has two caps, each covering three cells. The car was left sitting overnight.

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However what voltage your battery should be at any given time is dependent on: Temperature: The ability of a fully charged, fully functioning car battery to deliver the high current needed to the starter motor is reduced by approximately 40% at freezing point. There are two basic physical types of the lead acid battery, an SLA (sealed lead acid), and an open top maintainable battery.

When did organ music become associated with baseball? You can use the same car battery voltage readings as a guide. What is a good voltage reading for a 12 volt battery?

May not be as accurate as the expensive equipment, but if you keep track of the readings you can definitely see when it’s time for replacement.

– If a battery is at a “discharge,” the sulfate material goes through a different process and hardens like a uric acid crystal, making the overall battery even more at a ‘discharge’—and then death. 2 Likes.

For the last 15 years we have been using more involved test equipment for warranty requirements from the vehicle manufacture and Interstate Batteries.


Voltages and Specific Gravity are listed for a 6-volt or 12-volt battery, and battery banks of 24 and 48 volts.

A meter reading of 12.2 volts or 12.0 volts will indicate a charge rate of 50 percent and 25 percent, respectively.

When you start your car the battery provides the high energy (current) needed to the starter motor, which in turn turns over the engine.

Playing in between the voltage charge ratings between 12.1 volts to 12.9 is a safe place—12.4 being an ideal to keep maintenance.

There shouldn’t be a great difference in the car battery voltage between the different technologies. They’ve been on the slow charge all night long and show 9 volts. In this article we discuss the car battery voltage in a ‘traditional’ combustion engine vehicle, none of that new-fangled space age electric car stuff for us (at least not for this guide!). Required fields are marked *. Before you buy a new battery, take it in for a test. Does Battery Voltage Drop When Discharged In A 12 Volt Battery?

Below is a procedure to verify the 50% mark and table 2 gives approximate cut-off voltages at various state of charge.

You then need to leave your engine off for at least an hour, this will give you the ‘open circuit’ voltage. I tried it with a new battery that reads 12.5 volts and it starts effortless. That is, when the deep cycle battery isn’t under load and hasn’t been under load for a few hours. This will remove any surface charge to the battery if it was freshly charged. I bring a battery in to a parts store to be checked. When the kid hooked it up the conductance tester asked for CCA rating. Do a load test on the battery or bring it to a parts store and have them test it for free.

All auto parts stores will test your battery for free. Si la valeur est inférieure à 12,2 V, faites une recharge lente de votre batterie. Your email address will not be published. We advise that you check your car battery a couple of times each year, and in particular towards the end of autumn before winter sets in.

I’ve had several batteries fail within the warranty period. A fully charged car battery voltage should be 12.6v or above, this is with the engine off. It doesn't matter if the bike starts or not, what you're looking for is a voltage reading.

Note: The figures are based on open circuit readings. I will bet the water.

Observe the following values to assess the condition of the battery through the meter reading.

A battery is at a discharge anywhere from 11.9 to way below that range. Based on what Tester said several years ago, I simply invested in a cheap version for maybe $60. Its power drops from 100% to 25%.

So, you will want to check up on your car or motorcycle battery by inspecting as to what is a probable or possible causal factor for this (and there are many).

Measuring the voltage shortly after the engine has been running can give you a higher, misleading, reading. But once I go used to it I trust it more than my cheap load tester. Both are relatively cheap and easy to use.

Some say due to sulfation of the plates inside… some say because of the acid… some say both, But they all call it the same thing… a dead battery. Thanks, No worries Sarah, glad we were of help. At 12.4 volts, a car battery is 75% charged while at … To get a true voltage reading of the cars battery it is important to measure the voltage after the car has been sat for a period with the engine off, preferably overnight, this provides you with the “car battery open circuit voltage” or also know as the “resting voltage”.

These numbers assume 100% healthy cells, and may vary a bit lower for older batteries. Notice 100% is given as an open cell voltage and all other as under load.

A reading of 12.10 volts means that it is halfway; With 11.90 your battery …

For lead-acid chemistry, as in a car battery, think 13.6 volts You can check a car battery voltage with a multimeter or buy a car battery monitor.

Even Walmart auto shops do this free. Maybe a battery cable has broken.

Sitting there not connected to the car and voltage dropping like a rock without even applying a load such as a radio or park lamps.

If your battery reads 12.9, you are at risk for sulfating, which can cause all sorts of problems which are wear and tear in a relationship.

These have a very high resistance and draw extremely little current while taking the measurement and so the Voltage (V) is reported high relative to the actual charge (VxA) left.

Touch the red lead to the positive terminal on the battery. Volts and amps do not necessarily correlate. Remember, a most common problem you want to avoid when it comes to voltage and battery lifespan is discharge (the early death), and so long as you to do not go at 11.7 or below that, you have a chance for a quick recharge—a quick “revival”—and a quick comeback.

Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. “Good to go” is a reference to a working, useable battery and it indicates that voltage is transferable to different terminal points through currents (pathways) from cell to say car engine.

A fully charged car battery has 12.6 volts.

Hi John. https://tontio.com/car-battery/car-battery-life-and-maintenance/. Ano ang mga kasabihan sa sa aking kababata? Any readings below 11.9 volts will indicate a fully discharged battery, and damage may have occurred to the storage device.

Can you access the electrolyte? Always charge any lead acid battery in a well ventilated area.

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It’s the tried and true method, for well over 100 years.

When a car drops, for instance, from 12.6 to 12.0, there will be 75% difference. The SLA is just as the name applies; it allows no access to check the level of battery fluid inside each individual battery cell. A healthy 12 volt motorcycle battery should maintain a range from 9.5 - 10.5 volts under the load for a good 30 seconds straight. – The above reference talks about problems of the battery internally but the external protection or casing can also be in due for damage over time. The voltage, when the engine is running, should be in the range of 13.5-14.7 volts.

If you need more advice then you can always drop us an email on advice@tontio.com, Great article. This is intended as a guide only as the voltage reading will be effected by the battery age, technology and temperature.

The power of a battery is the product of Voltage and Ampere. Thanks for the great question.

This is why if batteries seem dead in some high current appliance, you can still use the batteries in low current appliances.

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