SITO (Single sided ITO) is a projected capacitive touch technology (CTP) realized by X/Drive/Transmit/ and Y/Sense/Receive (ITO) on one side of glass substrate by using ITO bridges crossing points of both electrodes. An insulation layer is inserted for separating X/Y ITO pattern and ITO bridges. (see diagram below)

The overall CTP structure is together with a Cover lens ( plastic or glass) and optical glue (OCR) bonding with SITO sensor. Air gap or optical bonding with display module are also available to the market.

SITO sensor technology is mature and widely used in touch industry, which is also compatible with major Automotive grade touch controllers. Currently, touch solution with SITO technology with size up to 16.2”is designed in.

SITO has advantages of wider temperature range, higher transmission and excellent durability, which are very suitable for high-end Automotive products.

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