Community Service Footprint

Community Service Footprint

The BOEVx Social Service Team has enjoyed a successful partnership with ELCHK Sheung Tak Integrated Youth Service Centre (“Sheung Tak”) since 2013. Every year a themed partnership programme is introduced. For the past years, we have connected the related programmes with creative themes, such as “Understanding Each Other”, “Dreams Come True”, “Live in Hong Kong” and “Career Planning”. In the fifth year, the project name is “Family Assistance”.

Year 2017-18 – Family Assistance

Family Assistance

Family support plays an important role for the growth development of youngsters. Volunteers would guide the 6 ethnic families to visit the 18 districts in Hong Kong, which helps to enhance their understanding and sense of belonging to Hong Kong.

Year 2016-17 – Career Planning

Career Planning

Building up career orientation and ability among ethnic teenagers could increase the employers’ confidence in recruiting ethnics, as well as eliminate the hidden discrimination to the ethnic group. Volunteers took on the mission of counselling a group of ethnic DSE graduates to develop their career plans.

Year 2015-16 – Lives in Hong Kong

Lives in Hong Kong

Ethnic and Chinese young people were grouping together to film a short video which showed details of interaction with ethnic groups in daily life and their perspectives of the Hong Kong society. Through the programme, ethnic young people could make use of this opportunity to interact with the community, and to realise community inclusion.

Year 2014-15 – Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True

To encourage ethnic young people to set clear dreams and goals in order to enhance their determination and perseverance to overcome obstacles. Hence, the ethnic young people could have better hopes for the future and assimilate into the community.

Year 2013-14 – Understanding Each Other

Understanding Each Other

Through activities, ethnic young people could understand local life, and volunteers could know more about the lifestyle and culture of the ethnics, which could promote the linkage between two. This brought understanding and inclusion to the society.

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