2018 SID – Display Week Exhibition – 2018 May

The 2018 SID Conference and Exhibition Show was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from May 21-25. This is the largest event in North America for the display industry. The BOE Group showcased their latest innovative display technologies for wide applications including Automotive, Industrial, Smart IoT, and Consumer Electronics.

Automotive Display Demo
BOEVX leads the automotive display technology with demonstration of their advanced new technologies featuring Gate on Array (GOA), Free-Form shape, Curved, Mini-LED, Local Dimming, and full digital Cock-Pit display solutions.

42” W-Curved Cockpit Display
Our demonstration of advanced cockpit display design was highlighted in this 42” W-Curved display featuring three 12.3”FHD panels in a concave and convex configuration. The display panels are laminated to one cover lens substrate via cold-forming process. This Cockpit Display is designed to meets OEM specifications with over 1200:1 contrast ratio and 102% NTSC.

12.3” Mini-LED BLU
This year new technology features a 12.3“FHD, 1920×720 high definition, high contrast technique using mini-LED & local dimming to achieve 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 98% NTSC. This display technology can be applied to Automotive and smart device products that requires wide dynamic control in an ultra-thin module.

12.3” In-Car Sensors & 14.6” Gesture Touch
Enhanced user-interface can take advantage of our 12.3”FHD In-Car face-detection sensor and 14.6” Gesture touch control displays. Our optical-based sensors can detect & identify user gender, approximate age, drowsy awareness, and other critical stats. While our 14.6” Gesture touch display enables function controls without taking user eyes away from the road by intuitive hand gesturing motions.

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