Contre les instructions de la direction des SS, il s'est assuré que les blessés reçoivent des soins médicaux et a demandé qu'ils soient traités conformément à la Convention de Genève[2]. Hosenfeld perçoit précisément ce qui se passe. He was also influenced by the Wandervogel movement[clarification needed] and its adherents. By the time World War II broke out, Hosenfeld was married and had five children. The youngest daughter of the family, Uta, was born the year after taking this photo (Photo: The first aid of Hosenfeld to the Poles in 1939 He was taken prisoner by the Red Army and died in Soviet captivity in 1952. However, as he was an advocate of progressive and less authoritative didactic views, he often got into trouble with his colleagues and the school administration.

[2] During his time in Warsaw, Hosenfeld used his position to give refuge to people, regardless of their background, including at least one politically persecuted anti-Nazi ethnic German, who were in danger of persecution, even arrest by the Gestapo, sometimes by getting them the papers they needed and jobs at the sports stadium that was under his oversight. Depuis 1933, il est dans la SA et dans la ligue d'enseignement nationale socialiste, puis en 1935 également au NSDAP. He was known to be employed at a village school in Pessart. His first destination in Poland was Pabianice, where he was involved in the building and running of a POW camp. Il y dirige l'école de sport. Wilm Hosenfeld, né le 2 mai 1895 à Hünfeld dans l'Empire allemand et mort le 13 août 1952 à Stalingrad en URSS, est un officier (capitaine) de la Wehrmacht allemand au cours de la seconde Guerre mondiale. S'il est loin d'être un opposant à Hitler, il est néanmoins choqué par le régime d'occupation de la Pologne. His family was Catholic and he grew up in a pious and conservative German patriotic environment. De cette union, naquirent cinq enfants qui choisirent tous une profession médicale. A cette époque, Hosenfeld est réceptif à l'idéologie anti-bourgeoise et aux idées national-socialistes. Il profite de cette position pour aider plusieurs Polonais.

Wilm Hosenfeld with his wife and four of their children in Thalau in 1936. Several days later, Berman paid a visit to Szpilman's home and said that there was nothing he could do. But our comrades in the Soviet Union won't let him go. She came from a liberal Protestant family. He also helped a Jewish man named Wladyslaw Szpilman. Il a été façonné par les principes de sa famille catholique, par l'éducation patriotique prussienne de la formation des enseignants à cette époque et surtout par les idéaux mouvement de jeunesse des Wandervögel. He grew up in a conservative Catholic and German patriotic family and served as a soldier in World War I.

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