Another area of criminal behaviour that I find particularily fascinating! Who really killed Tony Tucker, Pat Tate, and Craig Rolfe has since become one of the greatest mysteries in British criminal history. He latched on to Tucker and the two of them would spend their days taking drugs, talking shit, and entertaining prostitutes. Hi Richard, thank you for your kind words on the blog, they are much appriciated. The night they died, they'd been coaxed into a meeting by three men they'd previously threatened to kill. I was the founder of the Essex Boys gang. Three nobodies had become somebodies because the press deemed their deaths a good story. In the first case in UK history, Damon Alvin was the defendant and a prosecution witness in the same murder trial. Simple! The three dead men were heavily in debt—the Range Rover they died in was borrowed in a hire purchase agreement. They believed they were being shown a field were a light aircraft filled with cocaine was going to land. The media attention and realization that a young girl had lost her life began to cause rifts between the men. In early 1996 Darren Nicholls, a local small-time criminal, was arrested and charged with conspiracy to import cannabis. Those three boys had a penchant for fucking people over and then not remembering who they fucked. In 1990’s Essex, the underground drugs trade was ruled by ruthless individuals who would stop at nothing to gain wealth from their illegal operations. One moment they would be laughing and joking, the next they would be plotting to murder someone they claimed had upset them. Not even a smart street strategy. The harder stuff made them even more deluded—they'd talk about killing off their rivals and the millions they were going to make after they had seized control of the Essex drug trade. In the end it was drug smuggler Michael Steele and his associate Jack Whomes who were convicted of the Rettendon murders in January 1998. He beat up the officers guarding him, vaulted the dock, and jumped onto the back of a waiting motorcycle. Not long after, we met Pat Tate. “Bernard O’Mahoney knows the real story of what happened that night and the ensuing fallout and wants to put to rest the ghosts of those violent years, to see justice served for all and finally, to open the way for the truth to come out.”. They were convicted on the word of supergrass Darren Nicholls, who was let off his own prison sentence in exchange for his testimony. It was a brutal triple gangland murder that sent shockwaves through the local underground community. They would only attack people in numbers or they would select weak, straight, vulnerable victims. Tony Pay and Craig in the morgue photos. While investigations and speculation on the evidence of Darren Nicholls continued, known players in Essex began to feud over the dead men’s turf.

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