A septum ring though I don’t think would go over well in most places. My rule of thumb was, don’t ever take out a piercing for an interview unless you either plan to do that daily if you get the job, or plan to never put it back in again after you get the job. Also, jobs that aren’t 9-5 are ‘normal’, too. Now it seems to be something of a matter of honor to get me into some item of clothing, any item of clothing, from that company so as to prove some point that I’m not entirely clear on. I keep it trimmed, but it’s not subtle 5 oclock shadow. That’s just stupid hiring, assuming he’s in a position to be hiring people. And this, I think, is a fair statement. Just don’t wear a nose ring when in a food serving role, most people don’t want food served to them by someone with something hanging out of their nose, even if it is there intentionally. It reeks of “I’m not ready to be an adult.” Also, a dissproportionate # of girls I see drunk, smoking, and doing pot have nose rings….which gives the clean ones a bad rap. piercing than a nose stud, I think it might be worth doing a little advance legwork, just to minimize weirdness with your new boss, who you want to have smooth relations with. In the meantime, I would like to work at Target. Wow, while everyone is entitled to their opinion. “I think everyone has reactions to things that we can’t control – so the goal isn’t to try to stop forming opinions based on our tastes and preferences, but to be aware of them so we can deliberately set them aside to evaluate fairly.”. If the piercing is not completely healed or is infected, do not use non-metal jewelry in it. The owners just about died. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, hopefully we can concentrate on other conversational subjects.. :). It was a good attempt to correlate life decisions, but that makes the assumption that getting a nose ring is a … I currently work for a Fortune 100 company in a management role.

JUST ANSWER 5 EASY QUESTIONS…. Taking it out is just not negotiable for me. You can learn more about its significance for many Hindus here: http://www.hindu-blog.com/2008/01/why-hindu-women-wear-nose-stud.html. I think this says more about you than them. In any event, I reached out to the hiring manager, and this was her response: I don’t believe there is an official policy on tattoos or piercings. Although I do agree with you that plenty of people find them unprofessional (which is what I hope you meant.). So I’m suddenly more understanding, and still suggest hiding the piercing completely, and talking about it on offer, I think I’m talking about dermal piercings (I didn’t actually read the page, it makes me squeamish), http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microdermal_implants. It does make sense though that at a Jewish camp, or with Jewish campers, they might ask you to cover up tattoos since Judaism has very clear prohibitions against body mods and tattoos could be seen as not following the values of the camp/families. You get used to it after a while! what’s the most Machiavellian thing you’ve seen or done at work? I really hope you are not in charge of anything ever, then. This. I've thought about it for awhile. It really drives home how generational differences can show up in the workplace, and the line you walk as a younger professional moving towards senior rank. Look, I don’t want you to go, but the problem with your statement wasn’t its illiberality. You should probably wait to answer those last two until after you get back from Vegas, too. The overall consensus being that if an interviewee does not possess the good judgement to present themselves professionally during an interview, where else will they exercise poor judgement? I used to participate in alot of good discussions here…..then a month ago I got piled on for telling someone moving to NY for the first time that she should plan on asking for at least $65K if she wants to live alone. I would go more along the lines of “By the way, I had asked Jane about any company rules on piercings and she assured me there aren’t any — but I wanted to confirm with you, as I have a small nose ring that I typically wear, and I didn’t want it to be a surprise on Monday.” This way you’re not explicitly telling (agreed with above, not the right way to start of a relationship with a new boss), but you’re not making it a full question either, since you have already confirmed and it should be ok.

Now that I’m 25+ years established in my career, I make sure I dress professionally and that my (vividly blue and purple) hair is styled nicely, but otherwise, I don’t hide these day-to-day aspects of my appearance. Since then, I haven’t worried about whether or not my piercings are visible in a job interview. Thanks for your guidance! We actually did not care if someone had tattoos, and some of our designers did have them and kept them discreetly covered while at work. My office now is business casual (more on the jeans-every-day end of casual) but generally pretty conservative.

Do you hang a bell off it or something? If it is part of your identity, and you would really chafe to have to keep it out/covered at work, wear it to the interview and see what happens. Specifically, I think it could be useful to send her an email a few days before you start, saying how excited you are to start, confirming that you’re planning to arrive at (whatever time on whatever day), and adding something like, “By the way, I had asked Jane about any company rules on piercings and she assured me there aren’t any — but I wanted to give you a heads-up that I have a small nose ring that I typically wear daily; it sounds like that’s okay, but I wanted to mention it in advance.”. Silver Fancy Boho Pendant. #1: I suggest leaving it out for interviews. i get a few “you know, your ears will never go back to normal’ comments from time to time, but for every negative comment i get i receive approx. When she started a few days later, she was in biker boots, a mini skirt, a torn t-shirt over a tank top and had a bright blue mohawk. Unfairly there are cases where people had a bad experience with people who wear nose rings and therefore think all people who where nose rings are (insert negative thing here).

This is all in general terms, and there is variety between industries (eg, creative, IT and non-customer facing roles are generally more accepting) and within individual organisations. I always ask my boss (when I get a new one) if they want me to cover them and no one has ever taken me up on it (even when I was in customer facing positions). *** Please check more details at the merchant website. There is a difference between making a point and being rude. It sucks when you’re on the receiving end of a bunch of people saying you’re wrong, but I think if you come back and read it later on, you’ll see that it was a pretty reasonable response to a remark that you probably didn’t mean exactly how it sounded.

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