If this is how real Travel was measured then Trophy Trucks would have 50+ inches, and the Baja bugs would have 25+ inches. ENGINE: The 2020 Polaris RZR Pro XP is only available as a turbo.

Along with the cooling improvements, changes were also made to address durability and serviceability. Aftermarket wheels work fine on the new hub and it continues to use a 4/157 bolt pattern. Or with the larger 2” tubes it should be fine? Shoulder room has been increased significantly, and there is 6″ more leg room than regular XP.

It clearly looks like Polaris took many ideas from the X3, XX & Talon. The tuning of the new clutches has also been altered with a focus on applying power where most riders need it most, that is mid-range speeds (20-50mph), exiting corners, climbing hills, etc.

6 gauge hot and ground cables also in same location. All Rights Reserved.

The ignition coil is now part of the spark plug cap. Love it or hate it, the totally redesigned 2020 Polaris RZR Pro XP is here. Three versions are available priced at $22,499, $24,999 and $28,999. I think the cage on this one will be fine for the vast majority of riders, certainly the best one they’ve had. Do you know if the improved suspension did anything to reduce or fix the bumpsteer issues with both the front & rear suspension?

Seal has been moved to inside cover so it is much harder to install improperly. As far as the New RZR- I like this unit and am looking forward to the torture test on the Gauntlet. . ———————————————————— GlamisDunes.com is Trademarked with the USPTO The entire tray removes quickly with a few Torx bolts to access the engine. We’ll start with the most obvious changes. Leonardo had always commented on the interior of the X3 fitting his 6’ 4” frame better, does the RZR feel the same? But hears a little fact. IMO the telescoping steering wheel is the best original improvement they made. Four torx bolts is all it takes to fully remove bed for access to top of engine. While the chassis looks much stronger then previous Polaris models, I think they still missed the mark with the upper cage. XP1000, 1512 lbs @ 168 hp.

They instal high quality bearings, polish & shotpening the gears and setting all the tolerances correctly. Ride Command Group Ride feature now uses built-in antenna as well as cell for off-network riding, Polaris RZR Pro XP 12V Power Distribution, 10. Clutch is completely upgraded and 2x as durable, 3. Primary rollers are larger, more durable and fling debris away from clutch. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. © 2020 - UTV Action Magazine.

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