A payment cannot be made after 30 days because by that time the service will have been cancelled and the number forfeited. Royal Communication. Internet and calls. Second name for PHP. If a credit/debit card was double charged, similarly you can call customer service and have them correct the issue. How much hotspot data comes with the plans. The Platform for University Students & Societies. There is no minimum amount you can pay on you Metro PCS bill. For more information refer to the. Metro PCS offers a $5 discount for each line on the basic family plan. You can pay it online using the one (1) time express option, over the phone, at an authorized dealer location, by mail, etc. I believe its a $1-$2 extra each month to receive a paper bill. Login to your QPay account. Just call customer service 1-888-8Metro8 to add this options. Why Partner with Choice? For the Official MetroPCS website go to http://www.metropcs.com. Metro PCS will temporarily shut off the phone service until a payment is made. Metro PCS Bill is $40 indefinite talk, text and internet and Increase Cellular is $50 dollars. Since Metro PCS has unlimited service, the bill will always stay the same. However, if you pay your bill late don’t expect to receive a full month of service.

In this case, Call Customer Service and ask to receive paper bill. By phone: You can pay your MetroPCS bill by calling the customer service department at 1-888-863-8768. In some cases, customers want a paper bill for their own personal records. What are the two things to check when setting up a phone. The company grew through territory expansion and multiple acquisitions to become T-Mobile’s largest wholesaler with offices in … Reset Password To reset your password, provide your mobile number to verify account ownership.

No. Metro Rumors is a privately owned website that is not in any way affiliated with Metro PCS or its affiliates. As long as the phone is not canceled, making a payment on a suspended account is the same as making a payment on a non-suspended account. The amount of the bill is the same every month unless the customer opts to change the plan. Mastercard and the Mastercard brand mark are registered trademarks, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. We’re here for students, societies and unions to facilitate the interactions that make campus life memorable. In order to remind customers when their bill is due, Metro PCS does send text-message reminders. The customer service phone number is 1-888-8Metro8. Choice is engaged in my business and has been a key partner in my success. When you separate a line off a family plan, usually the line being separated would have to be paid right away to avoid any service interruption. How much is the ESN fee. Whether your organisation is big or small we can help with memberships, ticketing, newsletters, merchandise, deals & more. Unless, you call customer service and you separate the lines into their own account.

If you want a summary of all the numbers that were called then you need to sign up for Call Detail. Our dedicated team of bilingual Customer Care Representatives are here to for you and your customers. 30=1 40=3 50=5 60=8. The table above gives more information on the different payment methods offered by Metro PCS.

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