princess wei yang chapter 117

9th Princess was in love with him (just like she is in the drama), but he only has eyes for Wei Yang and eventually 9th Princess grows up to marry somebody else. A scheming younger stepsister? I would sum up her philosophy as “two eyes for an eye”. But she never did anything to people who did not try to harm her AGAIN. Plotwise, i think its different. But it was still a fun read.

Toggle between fit display to container and width, Toggle between fit display to height and no resize, Toggle between the page rendering options, Show/hide all header, side bar and page bar, Go to the next/previous chapter depending on the direction, Shift by a single page in double page mode. And the poisoning scene of weiyang’s mother? @ml – which version you are referring to? Is the Male Lead (Li Min De( still the Male Lead in the Drama Version? After his adopted mother San Fu Ren dies, Li Wei Yang takes care of him sort of like an older sister, but Li Min De was always in love with her. They changed almost everything. The female lead is very intelligent and very calculating. In the above post, I meant Li Min Zhi, her little brother!

But C-dramas don’t have the greatest track record for good adaptations. This novel is totally about reincarnation and vengeance?? Even worse, she is bothered by a handsome man with a thick-skin who doesn’t know how to give up!

She leaves her love interest (Li Min De) behind too, but he also takes up an alibi and goes to the same

I think they have same main theme as ‘rebirth’ with revenge as the MC’s goal, MC’s naive way before her rebirth and maybe a bit of male lead’s mysterious background.

However, the plot twists in 庶女有毒 are keeping me hooked in. C-Drama is an alternate universe with similarities in names only. Isn’t the author being accuse of plagiarizing the story? Fortunately, God gave her the opportunity to start over again. Su Ge was out to right wrongs only. @Mint: That sounds so true =___= I hope they don’t do the same thing to 孤芳不自賞 because I love that book to pieces…. The book sounds very dark and complex, and it’s a shame the drama makers couldn’t adapt it faithfully. But it’s also pretty gory and disturbing torture parts so, fair warning!

Please note, that not every report is actionable. I got weary of the overly detailed descriptions after a while, which I felt dragged out the pace of the story unnecessarily. I’m reading one of Su Jian’s earlier novels, and it feels like she took a lot of 锦绣未央 from that. I thought it was 7 Prince lol. The Concubine’s Daughter is Poisonous (Princess Wei Yang) 庶女有毒 / 锦绣未央 by 秦简 Qin Jian (HE), Ancient Chinese Romance Novels Completely Translated, Ancient Chinese Romance Novels Translation in Progress, Ancient Chinese Romance Novels Translation on Hiatus, Modern Chinese Romance Novels Completely Translated, Modern Chinese Romance Novels Translation in Progress, Modern Chinese Romance Novels Translation on Hiatus, Alternate Single Voice Completed Audiobook,, The Way of Favours (The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion) 宠后之路 (如意芳霏) by 笑佳人 Xiao Jiaren (HE), I Miss You All the Same 我念你如初 by 顧西爵 Celine Gu Xi Jue, Rebirth Of A Noble Daughter: The Marquis Manor’s Abandoned Wife 贵女重生:侯府下堂妻 by 夏染雪 Xia Ran Xue, Addictive Marriage/ Always Have, Always Will 婚爱成瘾 by 海棠霜雪寫 Hai Tang Shuang Xue Xie, I Am A Matchmaker on Taobao / I Know Who Your Future Husband Is 我在淘宝算姻缘 / 我知道你未来老公是谁 by 研研夏日 Yan Yan Xia Ri (HE), The Times Spent in Pretense 造作时光 by 月下蝶影 Yue Xia Die Ying (HE), The Twelve Years: Song of the Unsung Friends 十二年,故人戏 by 墨宝非宝 Mo Bao Fei Bao, The Memory Lost In Space 散落星河的记忆 by Tong Hua (BE), Peppermint Thistles Without White Flowers 薄荷荼靡梨花白 by Dian Xian (OE), Mulan Has No Elder Brother / Mulan Wu Zhang Xiong (Mulan Renewal) 木兰无长兄 by 祈祷君 Qi Dao Jun, Spring Banquet 春日宴 by 白鹭成双 Bai Lu Cheng Shuang. slowly waiting for the next chapter will be release eventhough i can read it using pleco but chinese novels are killing me with the description words.I mean every paragraph literally describe every characters’s feeling then the scenery or even clothes… and the point only a small bit so gladly to see there is someone that translated this novel haha. She gave birth to YL as a result and shortly thereafter committed suicide. Though I always wondered why her first husband killed her in the first life when he hates her that much. I’m not really sure if there is a second lead, as in the guys who are romantically interested in her besides the male lead don’t hold much importance to her or the entire story (maybe half but not all). So many good books to put on my que!! I watched two eps and gave up. 7th Prince Tuoba Yu (who is the basis for Tuoba Jun in the drama, I think although except for personality, the two characters are pretty different trajectory wise) thinks he will become king. (Empress Pei is the only character who can be said to be on the same level as LWY, in terms of cunning and scheming.) It’s only one female narrator but in my opinion, her version sounds like a multiple voice version (don’t know how she does it), and I like it a lot more than the other version. So how can she waste this great opportunity? The audiobook link on ximalaya seems to be taken down or the link is broken I think? Btw i listened to the female only voice and it was pretty good.

care to spoil?? My bad! In addition, she has the misfortune of being involved with the world’s most attractive and intelligent rogue. @raini of course I remember you! Just have to drill myself that authors are human too and although one or two books aren’t clean, doesn’t mean the rest of them aren’t and they can’t redeem themselves.

I’ve recently gotten back into audiobooks too. There are 2 audiobooks for this book on Ximalaya.

I have been really curious for a long time as to who Wei Yang’s fated other is (as many people prvsly mentioned someone named Yuan something?) Is the audiobook male+female voice? The warm atmosphere of the family and the interactions between the brothers was touching and funny, especially when they tried to stop the male lead from trying to see her. She is one of those villians i hate but cant help but love/admire. I remember in one of the chapter (before Jiang 4th son died), he told Weiyang, that the law of this world is the law of the jungle, only the powerful and strongest can win and stand above. Wei yang can’t do anything to save her own ass. The Princess Wei Yang c132 part2 09/13/20 The Princess Wei Yang c132 part1 09/07/20 The Princess Wei Yang c131 part2 08/29/20 The Princess Wei Yang c131 part1 08/20/20 The Princess Wei Yang … Personally I don’t think it resembles Mei Gong qing. Have you read 知否?知否?应是绿肥红瘦?It’s a little like that where there are a lot of guys in love with her (some of them princes), but the ML doesn’t start as a prince (but he eventually becomes one in part 2, which is a long story). And no, I don’t really consider Open or Bittersweet Ending as a Happy one. At first, Tuoba Zhen doesn’t believe it to be true, but then as events unfold at the very end, he believes those memories that he saw in his dreams. Does anyone know where the audio for the epilogue can be found? No such thing as rebirth, you got the female mc fresh straight from her sheltered life as a princess. Hence you’ve to endure the alternate audio book in order to finish listening to the novel.

She had to sport a wig and mask after that but hid it from everyone else and pretended she recovered. It’s not just the mc that does this, but the antagonists too. That is why YL believes he looks so much younger than LWY (I believe when they first met, the author said LWY is about 13 years old, and YL looks about 10 years old), because he is the product of incest and he thinks that somehow delayed his growth, even though technically, he should be slightly older. I’m willing to give the author the benefit of doubt but there’s no smoke without fire !!! so since they coupled WY with TBJ, the ending made sense bc in the history, TBJ only reign for 12…. Seems like they have something against cold and cunning female characters. @atsu I somehow suspected that they bought the rights just for the names and title so they could get the attentions of people who read the book =___= I am pretty sure it will just be another chinese movie and went unnoticed if it went by another name. The poison was so unbearable that elder sister pulled out her own hair and scratched out her own face, destroying her good looks with her own hands. After Wei Yang left Dali, he continued to plot, this time with the help of Ying Chu, who is the right hand man of Queen Pei (the main antagonist of the second half). They are awesome . Crown Prince was set up by Li Wei Yang so that he was caught in the king’s quarters with his concubine. ive never read the book just started the drama and im super loving tuabajun!! There’s no doubt that the protagonist, LWY, is merciless and, yes, even cruel to her enemies. If you don't like a particular user's posts, consider blocking (from their profile page) instead. After giving out so much, she ended up being given poisoned wine.

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