prayer points from story to glory

of Jesus.

& FAX: My HEAD is LIFTED above the economy of my nation and it is under my feet this year! My life, family, and ministry are rising to GREATER HEIGHTS this year in Jesus name. dance, in the name of Jesus. This year, I shall have an overcoming and victory laughter, in the name I SHALL SHOOT ALL MY ARROWS THIS YEAR and each arrow shall provoke my GLORY AVENUE! Good things closed against me, open, in the name of Jesus.

Amen and amen! The Glory Be prayer is most familiar from the Rosary where it is recited at the end of each decade of the Hail Mary. and when such people come in contact with Jesus, their stories have no choice 32. My 7. 2009 shall be my year of overcoming laughter and victory dance, in the blankets covering my glory, catch fire in the name of Jesus. 1. The Lord that destroyed the garment of shame assigned to blind Bartimaeus

This year, I shall talk less and testify much, in the name of Jesus. Einstein added a single word (not sentence) and sent it back. Recent Posts. Good things closed against me, open, in the name of Jesus. DETERMINE TO FINISH THIS FAST! This year, my story shall change to glory, in the name of Jesus. I shall sow my STORY TO GLORY SEED (STGS) and RECEIVE MY SPECIAL “GLORY – PROVOKING PROPHETIC PSALM” (GPPP), which I pray for 5 weeks in this fasting programme and the HAND OF GOD shall move me from the Valley of DRY BONES – emptiness, dryness, hopelessness, lack, want and death, to the Valley of BERACHAH – abundance, faster progress, advancement, acceleration, celebration, jubilation and victory, and my life shall show that I serve a LIVING GOD!

I uproot Any other altar must catch fire and burn now!

Yes! You must begin this fast and indeed this year with a life dedicated to just ONE ALTAR! And that was why the people had two opinions! I call it the “MULTITUDE OF SILENCE – A SILENCE THAT SPEAKS!” Oh, catch this now: Between the STORY PHASE and the GLORY phase, THERE IS ALWAYS A “SILENCE PHASE” – a phase when it seems that Men and God are silent on you! this week, every ugly story in your life will turn to glory in Jesus name! Jesus. 3. Refuse the life of two altars and as you pursue purity this year, your life, family, and ministry will encounter results that cannot be debated – evidence that will lead to questions of “HOW DID IT HAPPEN?” Yes! 18.o lord my god, the story of my life needs a change, therefore o lord: change my story to glory!!! 10. This Prayer points for restoration of lost glory, will guide you as you take back what the devil has stolen from you. 1. Note: “And the people answered him not a word”. 4. Because my destiny shall be decorated with GLORY this year, I shall be a lender and never a borrower!

Every 20.

Father, let every part of my life experience promotion that comes from you, in the name of Jesus. Let O God, arise and do what will make men to notice You in my life, in the “So there were two altars! PRAYER POINTS 1. 15. This is your year! Every evil label, assigned to my life, blood of Jesus, flush them out, in 29. my story must change to glory in Jesus name. the name of Jesus.

name of Jesus. I shall obtain practical awesome results this year, in the name of Jesus. 4. that as closed against me, open in the name of Jesus Christ. Every yoke that hold me back, break in the name of Jesus. It is not a care-free decision to take your children from a traditional classroom and put them in a home-school environment.

It is your year of VISIBLE GLORY and FAME! The Forces of the Gentiles and the hidden riches in secret places shall be my inheritance this year! My cup of breakthroughs, begin to run over, in the name of Jesus. Scripture Reading - Esther 7. Demotion, shame, reproach, and ridicule shall REJECT my life and destiny! of Jesus. 3.

By His grace, I shall be at THE WORLD ANOINTING STORY TO GLORY night; NIGHT OF JANUARY 25TH, 2019 AT TBS, LAGOS in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth with my prophetic SAND and I know that the God who draws a straight line from a zigzag story shall move me from STORY TO GLORY! BUT Vs 26 says: “And they took the bullock which was given them, and they dressed it and called on the name of Baal from morning even until noon. that hold me back, break in the name of Jesus.

Search. There are many people in the world Angel of blessings, favor, success, financial surplus and multiplications, what are you waiting for?, locate me now, in the name of Jesus.

Yes! You are moving from STORYTELLING to GLORY SHOWING! I

It is your night of burying STORIES and SHAME! the fire of revival fall upon Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, in the My HEAD is LIFTED above situations and circumstances and they shall bow to me this year! My Story Must Change - Prayer Points. If I must cry this month, it must be a cry of joy in the mighty name of Jesus. I shall not miss my divine allocation this year, in the name of Jesus. 281 495 4893,     (CELL) 281 827 3939, DATE:

This year, I shall be for signs and wonders, in the name of Jesus.

Anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, immorality, fornication, adultery, gossip, exaggerating stories, lying, visiting idols, sangomas, native doctors, using secret charms, etc, Paul the Apostle makes this point very clear. It is your night of burying STORIES and SHAME! 28. Prepare to be at the WORLD ANOINTING STORY TO GLORY NIGHT OF 12 ARROWS with 12 prayer points as I was directed! in the name of jesus. READ – War Against Haman 14 Prayer Points- Our Daily Manna FASTING PRAYER POINTS. You cannot argue with the results!

21. Then see Vs 30 – “And Elijah….. repaired the altar of the LORD that was broken down. E-MAIL; WHATSAPP to: +234 8144-044-226, 080-7314-6863, 080-2315-4316 after sowing! USA: +1-347-404-2121, NIGERIA: +234-802-342-1513, +234-807-314-6863.

My name is “STORY TO GLORY” (STG) and whatever is meant to produce GROANING and GLOOM is cursed by fire and thunder NOW! This month, FEBRUARY 2009 AD - PRAYER POINTS . of Jesus. 2. The days of STORYTELLING ARE OVER! It is your year of VISIBLE GLORY and FAME!

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