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That's what is missing here now, that sense of stability. Continue to reading for more game medias and infos. Props for being real. Yeah they word hard for it just enjoy the game i like this game for everyone for the creator or everyone who like this game, I started playin it but When I get to the route where you are supposed to save pichu there are campers there how do I get passed them they keep saying go awa, You have go to the other route were Gold and Proffesor Oak is at, Eii knuckle senpai. You say you don't understand the people who would suddenly believe in God when they are given proof, and that proves my point. I read somewhere it evolves at lv 55 but I have it at lv 57 and it didnt evolve. Only you know the secret language of Alpha, a language passed down by your father. It only seems to happen on Light Platinum Plus. Now, when you open plus in My Boy, you should be able to continue.

Now load the save back into LP+.I'm not sure how you load saves on your emulator, but in most cases just rename your .sav file to match the game you're loading for. Yo,thank you for the game.It's working great.I saw the comments and I must admit it ,I didn't expect so many interes but it is quite opposite.It seems people can never forget those good old games.I am one of them obviously. I was just thinking about popping some. Are you stupid or just brainwashed it's been provin that people are born gay straight bi what ever they are and that's real cute believing in the worlds first book of bullshit have fun believing in stupidity, Is this pokemon gay or pokemon light platinum which is it? If someone told you something that COULD be false, does that GUARANTEE that they're lying? Under more normal conditions here I doubt any of these walkthroughs would exist because I wouldn't have had the time. Note some of your Pokemon may get changed. Rename the current .sav file to match the name of the other version exactly (gamev1.sav to gamev2.sav). Like haunter is not evolving to gengar when traded against kirila and seadra to kingdra. Since this glitch only appears to happen in LP+, it seems you can save before the event, load your save into a different version, complete the event, save, load it back into LP+. I think he's talking about the glitch in LP+ (Light Platinum Plus). With the arceus freeze right before the battle glitch how would you fix it on iOS.

There are some unofficial mods (not listed here) that have mega evos but I don't have much info on them.At the moment, hacks with both in-battle mega evolution and a new story are not that common.

Yes final version, does that mean i cannot evolve electabuzz? Yeah, the Plus version has a modified Pokedex which adds some newer gen Pokemon. Pokémon Light Platinum is a modified ROM of Pokémon Ruby, from GameBoy Advance. The demons and satan (which must be burned because they are evil, and full of sin) will also burn to nothing. hope this helps. in fact in the bible theirs saying like if a women cheats or something and has a baby its right to bash that baby's head in on a rock so if u dont support gays because of this book you also support bashing babies heads in. But I don't think he would damn us all to Hell unless we are truly evil.As a final note, I do not mean to offend or insult anyone. Some people have reported that happening, but I'm not sure which version it happens in. I am using OpenEmu, is VisualBoyAdvance on macbook? Pls help. Yeah, the World Championship was never fixed in +, so I don't think there's anything you can do.

And I think there's a map in the Pokemon Center. Have you already finished Pokemon Light Platinum Gameplay? This is my first time playing a hack version hihihihihihi sorry :). I can't describe how much this thread amused me.I am someone whose religion is rather complicated (or so people tell me). Load an earlier save and try redoing the event. Pokemon can be found around the world in different ways such as walking through tall grass or walking through caves; capturing them follows the same classic gameplay mechanic where the player needs to battle it to lower its Health Points before attempting to capture it. Had no idea the same creator for Mega Power made Resolute haha so that has certainly made my time in Resolute interesting, seeing familiar faces and getting to explore the regions which were constantly brought up in Mega Power.

I’m been searching forever…. Light Platinum is a well-made Pokemon ROM hack and it's generation gimmick is something that most Pokemon fans will enjoy; the gameplay is solid and the new region of Zhery is well constructed so that it feels like a real region from the Pokemon world. Final, or Plus? Pokemon Light Platinum is really excellent Remake ROM from Pokemon Ruby Version. What you fucking gay? Hey, I've been playing this since yesterday, currently going to the 3rd gym, so far so good. Keep preaching guys! Praying for love and spiritual enlightenment for us. Yeah, once you beat the Zhery League, you get to go to the second region, Lauren. This page will list all pokemon obtainable in Pokemon Light Platinum. Make a copy of your .sav file before you try anything just in case. I wish you all the best, please know I don't hate you if you're a homosexual brother or sister but I urgently beg you to turn from your ways before the rapture comes. The discussion should supposed to be based on the game not based on the comment of this pendejo, I like if it was with all people discussing together that should add some topping , People keep it up don’t stop i want to learn more about bible abd god. he will give you a growlithe for free. Is there a way to switch from lp final to plus without losing everything? amazing so light platinum going to be imported to the ds or ds emulator but awesome no the less can't wait until the English release or translated patch for it. Referring to my last comment on light mega AVOID ALL RALTS THEY ARE A VIRUS BUG THAT WITH KILL THE EMU JUST QUICK SAVE FREQUENTLY U NEVER KNOW WHEN U WILL ENCOUNTER ONE. Rocket League : How does the trading system work? I searched on google, every site said there's none, but those sites dated older than 2017, which is the latest update, just wondering if it's added in the game or not.

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