mao xiaotong and chen xiang

No wonder Chen Xiang always looks preoccupied when the inn is quiet. On the chats, Mao Xiaotong says that she saw Chen Xiang with Jiang Kai Tong at home, that her hands are shaking and she doesn’t want anything (from the relationship) but to please pick her up.

Unrelated, but this reminds me of my friend’s recent breakup. I used to think they were so cute together The video is quite blurry that it’s not easy to tell who’s who but netizens have pieced together clues through the clothes that the actors have been wearing on the same day to make a convincing argument that it’s the real deal. On the other hand, one of Mao Xiaotong’s friends released screenshots of chat messages with Mao Xiaotong during that day. Hong Kong Girl of Jindu: Marriage, fake marriage, or not, which is freedom? She denied it so his fans were coming for her. Wish them all the best! Well, hope Mao Xio Tong can find her right match. Cannot bear to watch this guy who hurt such a sweet girl. See them get out of the circle with IQ. Nothing But Thirty add Chinese Drama, 2020, 43 eps Zhong Xiao … is also great, and every role played can leave an impression. Like Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen, Mao Xiaotong (Princess Weiyoung) and Chen Xiang (The Legend of Modern Man Steps into the Past) were another reel-to-real couple from Romance of the Condor Heroes, but they broke up last October. Home > Entertainment > Mao Xiaotong was thrown into the trash by his father and is now a popular star.

Mao Xiaotong started to get recognition after appearing as a supporting role in Empresses in the Palace (2013), a critically acclaimed historical drama starring Sun Li. Now that they’ve broken up, I hope they move on with their lives with better things and with better-suited people. Really sad to see. When she is the one who gets hurt but she cant do anything & obviously cant act pity so yeah she just smile and keep positive. has always paid attention to this drama, and as an audience, it also resonates with everyone's ideas. Learn how your comment data is processed. had the hard evidence of the video, and the two later posted posts on Weibo, and Chen Xiang derailed. A new geographical conflict begins? First Impression: What do you think of Tang Yan and Shawn Dou’s The Legend of Xiao Chuo? later learned that Chen Xiang just broke up in love at that time and ended the four-year relationship with Mao Xiaotong.

Case in point JNL and LXL where there is even a kid involved. I thought Jiang Kai Tong was dating Zhai Tian Lin. 31 years old Chen Xiang, once loved Mao Xiaotong, now single | DayDayNews. Does Mao Xiaotong have a face lift?

was used as a bargaining chip by his biological father, and he appeared on the show and asked for high alimony. Frontline Battle Report | Out!

A video clip was released showing Chen Xiang bring up Jiang Kai Tong to his apartment. She likes this child very much, and actively fights for her husband who is unwilling to have children, to have a good pregnancy. So disgusting. can only really realize his mistakes only after going through these. No wonder someone commented: Is this paragraph Mao Xiaotong's own creativity. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Then he comes back at 8:38 PM with Jiang Kai Tong. Other actors have gotten away with it in the past and then even dragged the girl on variety. On the chats, Mao Xiaotong says that she saw Chen Xiang with Jiang Kai Tong at home, that her hands are shaking and she doesn’t want anything (from the relationship) but to please pick her up. Chen Xiang is dating someone else right now. Dont u think this story almost like Zhang Han? In other words, he is saying that he is only friends with Jiang Kai Tong and that they are both victims of the video.

he will deny it, they always do >_> but at least he can’t do the pity act anymore. Well when their breakup was announced his fans were saying she only used him to be popular. Then he went on talk shows putting on a show about how sad the breakup was and how it was due to spending too much time apart. Updated: Cheating rumors surround the breakup of Mao Xiao Tong and Chen Xiang, [Review/Mini Thread] Dating in the Kitchen (我, 喜欢你), Entertainment Updates: Legend of Fei, Insect Detective, Game Changer, Be Yourself, A Love Never Lost, Sword Snow Stride, Duoluo Continent, Ancient Love Poetry, Novoland: Pearl Eclipse, The Yin Yang Master, Ady An Gives Birth To Baby Girl, etc…, [C-Novel Review] Unruly Xiao Yao (刁蛮小药凰) by Mei Guo (梅果), Entertainment Updates: Joy of Life 2, Hikaru No Go, The Ideal City, Flourish In time, Rebirth For You, Vacation Of Love, Who Is Murderer, Ace Troops, Dear Missy, You Complete Me, A Love Never Lost, Meng Xing Chang An, Onmyouji, Luoyang, Zheng Kai and Miao Miao Welcome Baby Girl, etc…, [Review] Reunion: The Sound of the Providence Season 2 (重啟之極海聽雷第二季), [Recap] Ashes of Love Episode 60-63 (end). Mao Xiaotong in his 30s: Two encounters with scumbags in and out of the play, the way he handles it is really hateful | DayDayNews. but although it is not sweet, I have never thought of separating. Wow it’s creepy how the papparazzi got the security camera footage. Guardian has truly been a game changer for actor Zhu Yilong who went from vastly underrated to a constant presence in popularity rankings.

Yeah, I am glad she has solid proof. I want my baby to sleep well, here is the way, If you don’t sleep well at night and you are not energetic during the day, how to give your baby a good quality sleep. At least people can stop hating on MXT for supposedly not seeming heartbroken enough in public. She deserves better. So facing divorce, it is also excusable, but in the process of divorce this time, he showed something different from the past. She is such a sweet and cutie pie ❤️. The friend also said that Mao Xiaotong just wanted to be at peace so she kept quiet. Last, I saw his PR is denying this saying that she had planned to move ahead of time. Entertainment Updates: Legend of Fei, Insect Detective, Game Changer, Be Yourself, A Love Never Lost, Sword Snow Stride, Duoluo Continent, Ancient Love Poetry, Novoland: Pearl Eclipse, The Yin Yang Master, Ady An Gives Birth To Baby Girl, etc... [First Impression] The Moon Brightens For You (明月曾照江东寒), [Recap] Princess Agents Episode 56-58 (End), [Review/Mini Thread] Dating in the Kitchen (我, 喜欢你). I am glad this is out so MXT can move on without people dragging her in. In the end, Mao Xiaotong or press can not bear, took out the phone to contact the driver. Wow, that’s sad, just hoping for a better future for I guess all three of them?? As for the reason for the breakup, some people said that it was because Chen Xiang was in a relationship, and some people said it was because of the relationship between them. Get all the latest news and the hottest headlines on the whole network in one web, Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu finally divorced!

In Mao Xiaotong and Chen Xiang love exposure, netizens are hot search for Mao Xiaotong. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Also his weibo post after their breakup saying how he was sorry he couldn’t protect her and their love seemed nice at the time, but now only gets an eye roll from me.

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