On original iron wheels. They are made on the same machines as our standard bread drawers. McDougall Bread Drawer.

Size: 9” High x 13-3/4’ Wide x 19“ Long. Size: 7-5/8” High x 10-7/8” Wide x 19-5/8” Long. These sifter bowls are manufactured in our shop using the original McCormick dies and fixtures. HBD-5 Hoosier Bread Drawer. Simply put, if something was original equipment on a Hoosier Cabinet, we've probably got a vintage-style reproduction part to match. We assembled our last flour bins and sifter bowls in the late spring of 2014. Weather you need trunk or chest parts, locks, corners, handles, or chair cane, spline, drawer pulls, handles, chair parts, rockers etc. All in all, at Kennedy Hardware we've got more than 200 authentic antique-style reproduction parts to help you complete your restoration of a Hoosier Cabinet. All drawers include sliding lid. 7-1/2” Long, Hoosier Cabinet Parts Replacement Bread Drawers Tin replacement bread drawers for Hoosier, Sellers, McDougall, Boone, Wilson and other cabinets. When the current stock of these items has been sold there will be no more. Kennedy Hardware also carries the parts that go with it. NOTE: In some cases it may be necessary to cut and bend lower front edge down at a right angle to accommodate original drawer front. SFH-5 Replacement Sifter Bowl Replacement Parts for SFH-5 Sifter Bowl SFR-9 Sifter Reel Steel wipers with molded hubs. Beautiful old oak hoosier cabinet complete with flour sifter/bin on right side. Hoosier Bread Drawers Sellers Bread Drawers Replacement Bread Drawer Lids Drawer fits many original Hoosier brand cabinets. Allow three to four weeks for delivery. to help give you the best experience we can. Information and International Orders: 317-873-1316, Info & International Orders: 317-873-1316, Chemicals, Tools, and Restoration Supplies, Left Nickel Offset Cabinet or Cupboard Lever Latch. Length: 4-1/2” SFC-6 Sifter Crank Steel rood with threaded end. Lid has triple-folded edge to fit narrow channel of original Hoosier bread drawers. 17. Antique Hoosier Cabinet Hardware: Sort By: Page of 2 : B-0323 Hoosier Knob - Brass B-0323 Our Price: $4.79 . Hinges for Hoosier Cabinets, Sellers, McDougall and others. Hoosier Cabinet Parts The End of an Era The sifter bowls shown on this page represent the end of an era that lasted more than 100 years.

Two upper shelves for display. A Hoosier cabinet is one of the handiest and most charming things you can have in your kitchen. We've got those, too.

Save money and make your own customized masterpiece with our comprehensive collection of Hoosier cabinet hardware! 5-1/4” Diameter.

Antique Hoosier Cupboards - This has the old flour sifter and spice rack. Beautiful old oak hoosier cabinet complete with flour sifter/bin on right side. The width is the most critical dimension. Size: 9-5/8” High x 10-7/8” Wide x 19 -5/8” Long. Size: 4-1/2” High x 10-7/8” Wide x 19 -5/8” Long. Carefully check the size of your original drawer before ordering.

Cabinet Legs; Chair Parts; Dowel Rods & Dowel Pins; Finials; Screw Hole Plugs; Shaker Pegs; Spindles; Trim and Veneer Tools; Veneer; Wood Ornaments; Caning and Wicker. ORIGINAL & COMPLETE. Bread drawer liners are available only in stainless steel. B-1393 Cabinet … HBD-1 Hoosier Bread Drawer Replacement for the deeper bread drawer used in some Hoosier brand cabinets. Hoosier cabinets were manufactured in the early 19th century and one of the major manufacturers was known as Hoosier manufacturing company. Includes 7/8” High x 3/8” Deep channels for drawer guides.

Custom bread drawers and liners are not returnable.

HBD-2 Sellers Bread Drawer Relacement for bread drawer used on some older Sellers cabinets. And if you need to restore your Hoosier Cabinet with reproduction antique parts that preserve the authentic look and functionality of your treasure, you're in the right place. drawer used in some Hoosier brand. Hoosier cabinet makeover done on an antique that has been in the family for years. World's leading marketplace. Explore Rikki Nyman's 1,251 photos on Flickr! 19-1/4” Long x 10-3/4” Wide Custom Bread Drawers We are now able to provide custom size bread drawers and bread drawer liners. It is your one stop shop for furniture hardware, furniture parts and hard to find accessories. HBD-1L Bread Drawer Lid 19-1/4” Long x 10-3/4” Wide HBD-2L Bread Drawer Lid 17-1/8” Long x 11-1/8” Wide HBD-3L Bread Drawer Lid 19-1/4” Long x 11-5/8” Wide HBD-4L Bread Drawer Lid 18-3/4” Long x 13-11/16” Wide HBD-6L Bread Drawer Lid 18-5/8” Long x 11-1/8” Wide HBD-11L Bread drawer lid designed to replace original bread drawer lid on many Hoosier brand cabinets.

You've got a timeless classic piece of American furniture that families treasure generation after generation. Complete assembly includes bowl, sifter screen, wire sifter reel, crank, sifter cap and mounting pins. In fact, our founder, Philip D. Kennedy, literally wrote the definitive book on Hoosier Cabinets (available right on this site, naturally.)

Are you sure you want to delete your template. Side board on right that lifts up and locks horizontally. In the fall of 2013 we decided to discontinue the manufacturing of flour bins due to the declining condition of the dies and machines (most were over 90 years old). Butt Hinges; Flush Hinges; Hoosier Style Hinges; Ice Box Hinges; Offset Hinges; Ornamental Hinges; Specialty Hinges; Hoosier Cabinet Parts. Miscellaneous Parts; File Cabinet Hardware; Glass Knobs & Handles. This site requires JavaScript to function properly. PWM welcomes subscribers to AW, and the two magazines now share a website. Serving the Antique and Woodworking communities for over 30 years with Wholesale Prices on Restoration Hardware.

cabinets. Size: 7-1/8” High x 11-1/4” Wide x 17-1/2” Long. Latches for Hoosier Sellers Boone S Latches H Latches.

In 1989 Kennedy Hardware bought the remaining McCormick dies, fixtures, tools and machines from Feeny and we began making flour bins again in 1990. Just take a look at the parts categories below. Need plans to build your own? Those flour bins are all gone. Please call for prices and how to determine proper measurements for a custom drawer or liner. In 1900 McCormick & Sons Hardware in Albany, Indiana began making flour bins for The Hoosier Manufacturing Co. By 1910 Hoosier had become so large that they began making their own flour bins. Size: 9-5/8” High x 10-7/8” Wide x 19 -5/8” Long. Replacement for the shallow center. some Hoosier brand cabinets. drawer used for pies or pastries in. Check measurements of your bread drawer before ordering. They just do not make them like they used to, and in this…. It was a kitchen cabinet with storage and a working space … In the top lower portion there is a rolling pin holder, the flour sifter head and hooks for utensils. Two upper shelves for display.

Kennedy Hardware is your Hoosier Cabinet restoration headquarters. HBD-6 Sellers Bread Drawer Wilson Bread Drawer Bread drawer fits Boone, Wilson and other cabinets. Hexagonal Bridge Handles; Hexagonal Glass Knobs; Pressed Glass Knobs; Hardware Kits; Hinges. HBD-4 Wilson Bread Drawer Replacement lids for bread drawers shown here will fit some original bread drawers. Vintage One of A Kind Hoosier Cabinet Flour Bin Sifter Care Tag | eBay. Feeny continued manufacturing flour bins until 1986. Size: 4-1/2” High x 10-7/8” Wide x 19 -5/8” Long. On original iron wheels. NOTE: All bread drawers shown on this page are furnished with lids. Many drawers, small and large, bread board, lower cabinet space, large table area. Many drawers, small and large, bread board, lower cabinet space, large table area. Size: 8-7/8” High x 11-13/16” Wide x 19-5/8” Long. Includes 7/8” High x 3/8” Deep channels for drawer guides. With white wood knob. Hoosier Flour Bin Eye Bolt Replacement eye bolt to mount Hoosier sifter head to flour bin. Flour Sifter Bowls Cranks and Hardware for Hoosiers. Since most of the homes didn’t have inbuilt kitchen cabinets, the Hoosier cabinet became more popular. Predrilled front edges nail to the original wood drawer front. These are the American Woodworker Hoosier Cabinet Plans. Rolled edge is 5/16” High. Bread Drawers; Cabinet Glassware; Cabinet Hinges; Hoosier Cabinet Door Charts; Jar Lids HBD-7 Hoosier Pastry Drawer. This was in one family since it was new and it is in lovely shape. Replacement bread drawer fits HBD-3 McDougall Bread Drawer Replacement bread drawer fits many Sellers brand cabinets. All drawers work well; some oldness showing in the bottoms of drawers. Label Name Plates for Hoosier Cabinets Boone Sellers and Other Brands.

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