fatal bullet weapon stats

LV1: STR 20 / DEX 8. Launch a spinning charge at the target and perform a sweeping slash. Enemy detection range reduced by 75 percent and hate acquired from enemies is reduced by 25 percent. Creates a field that increases an ally’s attack by 15 percent for 180 seconds. For a short time, you will not flinch when taking damage. Skill Set 1: A) Power Form 1 until level 29, then Power Field Shot 1-2. Use the platform to the left side of the boss and shoot your weapon. In the meantime, I’m starting out with key information and stats of about half of the characters and updating the list as I get to everyone else. Gadgets: First Aid Kit, Anti-Aiment Kit, Plasma Grenade, Frag Grenade, Weapon 1: Muramasa F9 (base to ++), Kikuichimonji (base to ++). Perform a high-speed step. “Overheat Buildup & Duration” at 27.50% will make you shoot 3.636363 times longer on the equipped Gatling Gun. Reload speed is reduced by 37.5 percent for 60 seconds. Revive ally with 50 percent health. C) Sentry Style. Enemy detection range reduced by 25 percent and hate acquired from enemies is reduced by 15 percent. Attraction field has a base power of 0.1 explosive damage, covers 7.5 meters and lasts 7.5 seconds. D) Tranquilizer Shot 1-3. Attack up 20 percent, defense up 20 percent, reload speed up 25 percent and recovery up 25 percent while crouched. Fire a bullet at an ally that temporarily boosts their stats.

D) Power Form 1 until Level 35 then replaced by Horizontal Square 1-3. Reduce an enemy’s defense by 10 percent for 30 seconds. B) Tactical Roll 1-3. Inflict close-range physical damage of 500, 300 or 100 depending on distance from foe.

Blaze Resistance / +29.50% LV 2:  STR 19 / AGI 48. LV 2: AGI 46 / DEX 19. Inflicts blaze damage for 9 seconds. Weight / -22.00% Defense vs. Humanoids / +18.25% Inflict optical and blast damage with 2.0 base power and trigger an explosion in a set area.

B) Sentry Style. Weapon 2: Kagemitsu G4 (base to ++), Kotetsu G4 (base to ++) Masamune G4.

B) Sharp Nail 1-3.

LV 2: STR 20 / AGI 50. LV1: INT 19. Gadgets: First Aid Kit, Anti-Ailment Kit, Frag Grenade, Proximity Mine, Weapon 1: Quiet (base to ++), Serene (base to ++).

If I'm not gaming, I'm writing, or sleeping, or very, very bored. Poison Damage / -18.25% C) Dash Attack 1 until level 28, then Toxic Gas Blast 1-3. Fire a bullet that revives a fallen ally. C) Armor Form Shot 1-2. Skill Set 2: A) Power Form 1-3. After spending plenty of time and Skill Points buying skills and wondering why the hell I can’t use them, I checked the database and found out that you can only set the different weapon-type-specific skill sets at home or in the lobby. Skill Set 2: A) Conceal 1-2. Skill Set 1: A) Blazing Blast 1-3. LV 2: VIT 18 / AGI 46. Who is this guide for? Fire a bullet that creates a booster field where it lands that raises allies' attack power for a time. B) Quick Shot 1-3. D) Tactical Roll until Level 41, then Nanotech Boost Shot 1-3. LV 3: STR 46 / AGI 104. Skill Set 1: A) Conceal 1-3. LV1: None. Increase an ally’s attack by 20 percent for 180 seconds. Reload speed is reduced by 50 percent for 60 seconds. Usable by: Handgun, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Gatling Gun, Launcher. C) HP Recovery Shot 1-2 until Level 119, then AED Shot.

Fire a bullet that temporarily adds the part it hits as a lock-on target to the Circle Frame.

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LV1: AGI 19. Inflicts small stun buildup within an area.

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