extreme dinosaurs theme song lyrics

[googles kung fu dino posse] oh god it's so bad i can't even watch the opening without wanting to throw up.

The correct grammar version of the lyrics:Somthin's really rockin'On planet number threeModern man's got prehistoric company!A colossal fossil feud, unlike anything beforebetween the Reckless Raptors and the Extreme Dinosaurs! [Verse 2: Travis Scott] I'm so happy I've rediscovered this theme song hahaha. I'm in them ovaries, I'm in them ovaries I bought vatore, bought my wrist some more wrist Street Sharks Collecting! Should've had a crossover with The Terrible Thunderlizards. My dick enormous [Break: Travis Scott] With dem boys, whippin' it enormous With dem boys, whippin' it enormous Big as trees! Michael bay: well.... here it is. between the reckless Raptors and the Extreme Dinosaurs.

It was just a random shower thought, but now it won't leave my brain. Imagine if Michael bay made a movie about this, I didn't remember that I grew up with this show and had the toys until I saw the green dinosaurs boot with the one claw coming out of it just there in this intro video, for some reason that dino shoe is the only thing I remembered from this show for all these years. Not him! Laverne & Shirley in the Army (1981) Captain Caveman and Son (1986) Mission: Magic! I remember this! Tell that bitch I said shut the fuck up, sit down, and pour up It also has some holiday specials, childrens shows, clipart, and activities. You're my tourist, come be my tourist They fought like dragons. Saurian stomp!

Man I remember watching this as a kid, it and Street Sharks were my favorites. I forgot it, she pass the Marley, tweak off a molly [Chorus: Travis Scott] (1973) The Pirates of Dark Water (1991) Dennis the Menace (1986) Defenders of the Earth (1986) Sixty-five million years ago an evil, alien scientist named Argor Zardok visited prehistoric Earth through a trans-dimensional gateway. You know I'm, the type of nigga that's gonna fuck a ho, send her to the store, pull off on her. Chase it with booze

The Biker Mice and Street Sharks were also continuations of this cultural thread. “lyrics” taken from newgrounds.com/portal/view/321874: Somethin’s really rockin’ No! Ναι ρε πουστη μου δεν είμαι μόνη! Saurian stomp! The 90's and dinosaurs...those wer ethe days. If Gulliver Was A Hamster, His Story Would Look Like That! Tails the snap like thunderclap They used to walk. . Loved that show as a kid.

The correct grammar version of the lyrics: Somthin's really rockin' On planet number three ... A colossal fossil feud, unlike anything before between the Reckless Raptors and the Extreme Dinosaurs! I even had the toys or just dinosaur toys that I would pretend to be Extreme Dinosaur toys and act out episodes of the show. My childhood just flashed before my eyes. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The teacher and like 6 of my classmates thought they were sharks -_-. To walk my orbit and fuck my homies [Chorus] Extreme Dinosaurs (Lyrics) Something is really rocking on planet number three, modern man got prehistoric company. It's quite enormous, my dinosaurus My only regret was I didn't have more lol, +destroyer11388 I actually still have mine. Michael Foti They tried making a tv show of them. Oh glorious future of ripping heads off of feminazis and sjw! This show perfectly fits into the trope rated M for manly. Modern man’s got prehistoric company To walk my orbit and fuck my homies, Fallin' on some diamond bourse and now we all rich, Rodeo (Dat & spencer Edit) by ​​bye spencer, Rodeo (Extended Mix 1.0) by ​​bye spencer, Kemba Walker (Remix)* That used to growl, groan, and moan He was my favorite, too.

It's nowhere to go, I gave you my soul either that or it's a 2010s show trying to disguise itself as a 90s show.

The Dinosaur Song Lyrics: They used to walk.

I think I can do it way better than he could. I don't know these niggas, ridin' with them motorists EXTREME EXTREME EXTREME DINOSAURS The crash and smash Jurassic four! The fact that he could fly and had the most badass design out of all of them. this was my jam as a kid. Some had scales EXTREME EXTREME EXTREME DINOSAURS Tails the snap like thunderclap Talkin', stalkin' raptor trap! You know I'm, the type of nigga that's gonna fuck a ho, send her to the store, pull off on her. If you ever need to explain 90's culture to anyone, show them this video. Got some shorties to pull up on us 12 at the door, flush it down the toilet Some ate plants and some ate meat I actually want to try to make it, and have a Junkie XL score to go along with it. Oh, the dinosaurs! [Chorus: Travis Scott]

WORDS RIGHT OUTTA MY MOUTH! I have no idea how I stumbled upon this, but watching it I remembered that I actually used to watch these DInos, and as far as I remember I used to like it a lot.

DARNIT BRUH! I’m a girl btw. A colossal fossil feud unlike anything before. They used to swim / They used to fly with a toothy grin / Some ate plants and some ate meat / Some walked around on just two feet / Oh, the dinosaurs!

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