british shorthair kittens sydney

If you are not satisfied with the litter, or there is any change in plan, please notify us immediately when we reach out to you, so we have plenty of time to find a new home for the kitten. We appreciate all your trust, support, understanding and patience. Check with us the waiting time first by an introduction of you and your family for example: - what life can you provide to our kitten, - and any questions for us and concerns bring a kitten home. We require $500 non-refundable deposit to secure the kitten and pick up within a week. Please introduce yourself and the family when making an enquiry because we will not bother answering questions without knowing what kind of family our kitten will be living with. We also have exotic shorthair, persian, scottish fold/straight from time to time. We also have exotic shorthair, persian, scottish fold/straight from time to time. Fur Babies are vet checked, micro chipped, desexed, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated. Home. More. Personality: British Shorthair is calm and easygoing, making them an excellent family companion. Our kittens have registered pedigree and meet all the standards of the British shorthair breed. We are situated near Tamworth NSW. Our kittens … Studs. I have so many people inquire on purchasing kittens and i don't want to disappoint, Kittens Start from $3,500 depending on colour, We are expecting Blues , Lilacs and the occasional Cream, This Site was last updated : 5th May  2020, All images an copy remain the property of Shikobee and must not be copiedor reproduced without permission ⓒ copyright 2001/2020 Shikobee Cattery, We may have adult females available early next year 2021. Overall Appearance: British Shorthair is a median to large-sized breed. Available Kittens.

We breed for type and temperaments while their health is always the first priority. Our kittens are raised indoors in our hectic household. Occasionally, we have kittens from other registered breeder friends who are willing to sell though our channel but we will state clearly. All our cats have been DNA genetically tested by Orivet, all of ... British Shorthair Australia breed exquisite kittens in the colours blue, lilac and chocolate. Breeders of quality British Shorthair Kittens in Sydney ! The colours we are specialised in are: -Blue Bicolour, Lilac Bicolour, Blue cream Bicolor: $3,000+, -Golden/Silver Tabby Bicolour: $4,000+ (from 2021), -Golden shaded incl Black/blue/possibly chocolate/lilac golden shaded, ticked, shell (chinchilla): $4,500+ (we do not have a fixed price for golden shaded but will suggest a budget of $6,000 so you will have more choices). British Shorthair Kittens Sydney - Bred for temperament & Type. It is … We have been breeding cats for 40 ... My husband and I have a small home based Cattery concentrating on breeding quality British Shorthair kittens. It all started 4 years ago when we found each other a crazy cat lady.

BLUE. Our kittens are raised indoors in our hectic household. It is our big hobby and we give it a lot of love and passion. What does the price include? Most british shorthairs have yellow to copper eyes but point-coloured BSHs have blue eyes while silver and golden shaded have green eyes. >>. Situated on the Central Coast, 45 minutes north of Hornsby. We show some of our cats regularly.

We sell kittens to selected family who is responsible and willing to provide the best needs for their cat's daily care. Registration certificate is available on request.

Gallery. Breeders of Quality British Shorthair Kittens in the Sydney area. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); DID YOU PROVIDE FOOD OR WATER FOR WILDLIFE OVER SUMMER? If you are interested in purchasing one of my kittens you will be required to place a $200 deposit to go on the waiting list - this deposit is non refundable on change of mind. They are well suited for indoor living in homes and units. Our kittens are raised in friendly and stress-free environment. Most of kittens can go to new homes after they recover from desexing surgery. Jacqui & Jonathan Jefferson Griffith 6962 4319 0434 332 425 / 0409 451 957. All of our original breeding cats are DNA tested, and PKD negative guaranteed. Our kittens are “ Bred to Standard and Raised with love and affection” Yes, we are dual members (Sophie and Emily) with ANCATS #14072. We focus on the breeding of rare British Shorthair cats with coats of bright golden shaded and golden shell with emerald-green eyes.

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