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Compared to the Well version, this new saddle adapts to narrow sit bones, of men and women.

Fortunately, my local bike shop doesn’t mind if I return a saddle or anything I buy there so I hope you have a bike shop around that’s as flexible as mine. I always had a thing for bike sports and love almost anything that involves bikes and boards. I loved the comfort while sitting on the Phenom, but had to ditch it because of bruising on the inner thigh from where the saddle hit my legs on DH sections of trail. i've noticed Mr Hill feels the same way on his Mega. Make sure it has plenty of flat surface in area you sit. Best mountain bike shoes 2020 | 16 tried and tested recommendations, How maintaining bikes helped me fix my washing machine – and why it matters, 12 of the best road bike saddles for women, Fizik updates shoe colours and saddle range for 2019, Selle Italia unveils saddle range for 2019. Picture 8 speaks more than a thousand words: Picture 8 shows a simple guide: how many cm to add to the measured sit bone width in order to get an optimal saddle width. Components - Saddles. Disregard labels and descriptions, if I hadn't I'd still be searching. You can also go for the DIY measurement approach at home. The Power is shorter and has a flatter curve at the widest point, which falls into a more aggressive side. realized it was from Phenom saddle hitting leg on descents. I also use flat pedals, 5.10's, baggy shorts and normal looking tops. This Specialized Romin has moderate curvature from front-to-back and serves riders in a … Cut a strip of corrugated cardboard to the width of a chair seat and place on the chair, 2. Saddles. There’s another company that offers a selection tool based on your flexibility but regardless of how or if you can touch your toes, that doesn’t tell you how the saddle feels after a 60 mile gravel ride. The SuperFlow technology in fact, drastically reduces all the discomfort caused by prolonged pressure on the pelvic area, allowing you to find an optimum and extremely comfortable sitting position at all times.

Once these are addressed, your saddle choice should be informed by your desired handlebars, not the other way around.

31011 But now it’s different. - P.I. As the body is leaned forward, sit bones usually rotate forward as well (more, or less, depending on rider’s flexibility). Also, the quality of your bike, proper geometry and bike fit plays a part. A dropper post allows for multiple seat heights making your life a lot easier. Editorial, Some bike shops and Specialized dealers offer help with this, providing customers with the choice to test saddles on their bike. Riding position plays a large role—whether aggressively leaned forward or more upright—but even then that perfect saddle may not work out on the trails. While we’d like to remain entirely unbiased, but that’s incredibly unlikely.

$300 bibs are a dream though. by BikeFit | Oct 15, 2019 | Frequently Asked Questions | 5 comments. Unfortunately, if you were hoping there was a correlation between measuring sit bone width and simple saddle selection you were wildly let down by this article. I tried the Power on my mountain bike but it was too firm. You can try to mimic your position when you ride a bike but it’s not accurate enough. jury is out on which i like better, great saddles, perfect width for me.

It’s also essential that curved saddles have a cutout because they have a smaller effective seating area, so be on the lookout. The Phenom saddle features a more traditional nose and length. Things like the cutout size, curvature of the saddle, the transition from the nose to the wide point and foam. The cycling industry hypothesis: if your bones are spaced further apart, you’ll require a wider saddle for a luxurious rear-cradling experience. The two diagrams above provide a much clearer picture of pelvic position and which bones receive the most pressure depending on the amount of rotation or position of the rider. Lightweight, durable, and hollow titanium rails. Knowing your measurements or getting professionally fitted at a dealer isn’t enough, though. I think we have all read that steeper seat tube angles are more efficient but I’ve never read why it is so. Learn how your comment data is processed. Total saddle width is closely correlated to sit-bones width and choosing a saddle that reflects your sit-bones width is the most direct path to proper support. More information on the Specialized Body Geometry System and saddles is available on their website. Grab something to measure with and follow the instructions below: Now look at the table below to see where you fit: Eureka! Saddles. The algorithm of the idmatch Smart Caliper also allows us to understand, according to the measurements taken, whether the cyclist needs a traditional or “Friction Free” saddle, available in 4 additional versions: S1 FF, S2 FF – L1 FF, L2 FF. What I’ve learnt is that in addition to measurement, there are heaps of other variables that make it tricky to find optimal fit. Initially, I thought the saddle looked like a strange women’s specific model. Make sure when you’re trying out a saddle that you try all possible handlebar configurations for your bike (tops, hoods, drops, bar ends, and so on).

Shown in picture 2. Simplifies my day and is especially handy when travelling on bike trips. The best thing to do is to start with a standard shape that’s suitable for your type of bike. More aggressive front-end positions typically require a more curved saddle shape from front-to-back, to contour to the shape of the ischial tuberosity to pubic rami transition. A rather athletic saddle, but its padding is not too hard, so they are comfortable even without the use of padded cycling shorts (bibs) – Amazon affiliate link. That's been 10yrs of bike bliss. This is typically about aesthetics and weight, and is down to personal preference. While there are resources that offer positive tips, there is one methodology for saddle selection that we’d like to discuss today: sit bones measurement. I’d like to see you do an article on mountain bike fit though. Friction Free (FF) saddles basically have a sitting point that is the same as the traditional L or S sizes, but have a more tapered nose to allow “easier” movement of the legs during pedalling, thus avoiding any friction and increasing the rider’s comfort. Those stupid hard, sharp sides need to go! I can get some idea of how a saddle will work based on dimensions and shape, but really it comes down to buying it and trying it out for a few days. Many riders use a fixed seat post and you’ll often find that it’s sort of a compromise when you ride different terrain. Time on the saddle, on your own bike, is a must for the best fit.

Just stand next to your bike and set your bike saddle even with the top of your hip bone. In many cases, they are measured to potentially find your optimal saddle width. Specialized informed me of the Power Arc as well, but when they mentioned it works well with thick thighed individuals, I knew it wasn’t for me. Although the reason they have them in the first place is probably because they have butt/saddle pain so I am not blaming the problem on the bike diapers. As the pelvis rolls forward on the saddle, we move from the ischial tuberosities to the pubic rami, which decrease in width as we roll forward. The most interesting part of this study was this precious gem mentioned in their research, “Ischial (sit bone) distance varies according to riding position due to the v-shape pelvic anatomy. From efficient pedal strokes to the angle at which the rider bends forwards can depend on the saddle height. Shells can crack or break. The third size – S3 or L3 – includes saddles with a large central hole, recommended for cyclists with a high pelvic rotation, who develop high levels of pressure on the surface of the saddle. Yet, our friends at BiSaddle (image to the upper right) pointed out that the pubic Rami may be a much more common pressure point measurement vs. the sit bones. My day 3 of a week long road trip I'd be uncomfortable all ride and I might need to take a day or two off to rest. Before jumping on a bike with a longer rear-centre and steeper seat tube angle, I would aggressively shift my weight up the nose when climbing.

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