Transparency increases public confidence. Runway Pakistan, Transgender Rights: A Concept Unknown in Pakistan, Malala Casted Alongside Beyoncé for UN Film. The drama has some mixed reviews from the audience. THE return of 45 artefacts to Pakistani authorities in New York by the Manhattan district attorney’s office should... A revitalised IS using ungoverned Afghan soil as a base will become a regional and international security nightmare. Jalan (Urdu: جلن ‎, lit. Kashf is left with no choice but to make a deal with Matiullah, and hence Imtiaz gets released from jail and she pays huge hospital bills for hubby Wajdaan. As the drama unfolded many got against it as Meenu’s, Meenu ’s tragic death leaves fans heart-broken. Social media is actually mourning Areeba Habib's character Meenu's death. 5 Ways To Master The Art Of Transitional Dressing! Watch #Jalan Tonight at 8:00 PM only on #ARYDigital @minalkhan.official @emmadirfani @nadiahussain_khan, A post shared by ARY Digital ( on Oct 14, 2020 at 1:37am PDT. RunWay Pakistan - The Ultimate Hub of Infotainment - Monthly Print & Digital Magazine, Productions, Digital Creative & PR Agency and Marketing Consultancy. Share thisFacebookTwitterLinkedInWhatsAppPinterestGoogle+  Meenu ’s tragic death leaves fans heart-broken! A post shared by Minal Khan (@minalkhan.official) on Oct 12, 2020 at 12:18am PDT. But Mikaal (Sami Khan) lures her into such a trap that she and her father Mirza (the universal betiyoon ka baap Mohammed Ahmed who soon conks off, leaving daughters behind in misery in every second play on TV) pull off a simple nikaah with the too-good-to-be-true beau Mikaal.

Last year in August 2019 a grade 6 student of Habib Public School, Zeeshan Durrani, tragically passed away after he drowned in the school’s swimming pool during his swimming class. They have alleged that Areeba’s death was a result of negligence from the school management and further stated that she was the school never took her to the hospital. Meenu’s tragic end in the drama has left fans sad and disappointed as she commits suicide leaving behind her new born child. Pvt. In the start the drama got alot of attention because of its cast and a romantic script.

Like and follow our Facebook page: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pakistan and Bosnia vow to increase trade, scientific cooperation, From Washington DC to GB, two systems with two sets of rivals are being tested, Empires today do not need geographical territory, Ek Jhooti Love Story will surely make you smile, How contagious are kids with Covid?

Your email address will not be published. Meenu ’s tragic death leaves fans heart-broken! 'Jealousy') is a Pakistani television series premiered on ARY Digital on 17 June 2020. Asfand’s sister Kinza (Nadia Hussain totally owning her role) is taking her share of the property away, leaving Asfand less wealthy than before. Jalan has been airing on Ary Digital since the 17th of June and stars Minal khan, Emmad Irfani…, Jalan has been in the spot-light for various reasons. With some brilliant performances by Minal and Areeba both, there are many who do not like the script of the drama and want such dramas to be banned. Jalan continues to entertain. Fans furious over Minal Khan's Nisha as Meenu dies in 'Jalan' Social media is actually mourning Areeba Habib's character Meenu's death. When Shahmir appears instead of Mikaal, Amal hits his head with a vase (there is always one conveniently available in our plays in such situations), and flees. However, her father, Asif and the rest of the family have denied what the school has said. Similar cases have surfaced in the past 2 years.

The ultimate hub of infotainment – Runway composes of all the key offerings – Monthly Print Magazine, Digital Magazine, Media Production, Creative Agency, PR Agency and Marketing Consultancy that a brand needs to be seen, heard and known! In the show she was questioned with whom she would love to work in future. Moreover, earlier in 2018 a grade 7 student, Habibullah Ismail studying in the Gulberg area, passed away after he mysteriously fell from the second floor of his school. THE ICON INTERVIEW: THE EMPRESS HAS HER CLOTHES, زمبابوے کے خلاف شکست سے قومی ٹیم کو کتنا بڑا نقصان ہوگیا؟, امریکی انتخابات میں ماضی کے مقابلے میں کیا کچھ مختلف ہوا؟, کم عمری میں رشتے دار نے جنسی استحصال کیا، بیٹی عامر خان, 'What a spectacle! He orchestrates complete disaster in Kashf’s (Hira Mani) life, to pressurise her to get into a partnership with him at his astaana — Kashf’s father Imtiaz (Waseem Abbas) gets arrested for tax evasion, her husband Wajdaan (Junaid Khan) meets with a near-fatal car accident, while Kashf’s family lose their home and wealth. Jalan has been airing on Ary Digital since the 17th of June and stars Minal khan, Emmad Irfani and Areeba Habib in lead roles.

The next promo shows some even more exciting clips where fans might see Nisha being served with Karma. Talented and versatile actress Areeba Habib became a new addition to the entertainment industry. What do you think? ': Iran's supreme leader mocks US democracy, France fighting Islamist extremism, not Islam: Macron, India-made Covid-19 vaccine could be launched as early as February: govt scientist, Underage marriage: SHC orders constitution of medical board to determine Arzoo's age, Dollar loses ground as Biden inches closer to White House, Police arrest 10 in Portland, 50 in New York on night after US vote, Aamir Liaquat and wife test positive for Covid-19 as cases rise, Strength training doesn't make you bulky and other myths debunked by female instructors, Johnny Depp down but not entirely out after losing 'wife beater' case, Biden pushes closer to victory in race for White House as Trump claims fraud, Young Muslim heroes hailed for helping victims during Vienna attack, Pakistan receives 45 stolen relics from US, Indian police arrest, charge firebrand TV station founder Arnab Goswami, Explainer: What’s 270? Usually when all is well the Fund is not the place where governments go. The history of empires is written in human blood. Matiullah (Saleem Mairaj) has transformed from a fake spiritual healer into some kind of a don. This role is a milestone for the young actor Minal Khan. Atif Aslam Performs Live at Enigma IX, Audionic Anniversary, Arslan Ash: The Incredible Ascension of the Pakistani Tekken…, 5 Places In Karachi For Hand tossed Pizzas, ‘Core Mama’ – Post-Partum Fitness for Moms, L’Oreal Paris Dream Long Range in Pakistan, © 2020 - Runway Pakistan. But Asfand and Neesha living happily ever after is highly unlikely because of an interesting twist in the story.

Meenu (Areeba Habib) has been the one of the most appreciated character in the drama who has made all her fans love her role and her actings skills.

Area. Runway Pakistan is a complete solution provider for all your marketing communications related requirements. According to them, she was immediately rushed to a hospital where she failed to resist the injuries and passed away after which her body was shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. The morning of September 15 was a peculiar one in Pakistan – with children returning to their schools after over six months. Respect for human rights had a deeper meaning for Saleem Asmi. Although there isn’t an official report on Areeba’s case yet, this is the third such case in just 3 years in which all three times, the school managements have been blamed for their negligence. Saeed Ghani, the Sindh Education Minister has ordered for a report of the accident from the private schools’ director-general, Mansoob Siddique. On the wedding night, Mikaal shreds the nikaahnama and disappears.

Due to her talent and hard work, she has received enough recognition and recognition. As the drama unfolded many got against it as Meenu’s (Areeba Habib) sister Nisha (Minal Khan) starts having an affair with her brother-in-law, Asfandyar (Emmad). The authorities reached the school and began to investigate after which an inquiry committee was formed to delve deeper into the case. Meenu ’s tragic death leaves fans heart-broken! The inequality of social and political power between the two parties is an important factor in this pattern.

Social media is actually mourning Areeba Habib's character Meenu's death. Home; Entertainment; Exclusive; Filmi Baat. It is produced by Fahad Mustafa under Big Bang Entertainment.It stars Minal Khan, Emmad Irfani and Areeba Habib.The first teaser of the series premiered on 3 June 2020.

How it’s gonna work for nisha?

The pregnant wife Meenu (Areeba Habib) has been thrown out and sent off to her parents’ house while Meenu’s bad, bad sister Neesha (Minal Khan) is living in Asfand’s guest house.

Areeba Habib does not like the message given off in Meenu's death in 'Jalan' Read our article for a complete interview with the starlet # AreebaHabib # Jalan Areeba Habib, who played the character of Meenu in Jalan, recently expressed displeasure about how her character was killed off in the drama. Meenu is divorced by her husband Asfandyar after she gives birth to their child.

Areeba Collapses and Dies On Her First Day of School While students across Pakistan returned to their schools yesterday, excitedly, 14 year old Areeba tragically passed … We just cant wait to see how the drama further unfolds for all the other characters. Managed by, Areeba Collapses and Dies On Her First Day of School. Ltd. ( for Dawn. Short answer: we don't know, Fishermen fear a ‘new Dubai’ could empty their nets.

But when Wajdaan gets better, he raises hell and accuses Kashf for using the bad time as an excuse to get back to something that he had forbidden her to do. This and the fact that Asfand wants to bring his motherless baby home brings out the true colours of the wicked, greedy and selfish Neesha, so Asfand can now see what a huge mistake he has made. She dies in the hospital but it has little or no effect on Neesha, while Asfand lies to the police that Meenu had a mental condition. The school stated that the death was solely caused by an accident where Areeba twisted her ankle, lost her balance, fell and passed away. All Rights Reserved. If you have better things to do on Tuesday evening, do them!

Jalan has been in the spot-light for various reasons. Model-turned-television actress Areeba Habib has earned massive fame in the showbiz industry with her charming personality and brilliant acting skills..

Meenu (Areeba Habib) has been the one of the most appreciated character in the drama who has made all her fans love her role and her actings skills. Homepages. Live results: Who is leading — Trump or Biden? Published in Dawn, ICON, October 25th, 2020. Yet we all are eager to know what will happen next and how will Nisha be held accountable for what she has done. The math game behind the US election, 'We want all voting to stop': Trump wants Supreme Court involved in election. “The tragedy should be thoroughly investigated,” he directed, inquiring as to why the school management did not take the girl to a hospital immediately after the incident took place.

Later, following stepmother’s bad reactions, Mirza ends up in the hospital and expensive surgery is required for which Amal’s jewellery is sold off, but Mirza still dies. While most children were thrilled to return to their classrooms and meet with their peers after a long break, some were gutted. Biden and Trump are determined to extricate America from a no-win war that has cost the superpower more than a trillion dollars. She went to show business to put her name on the model. The girl tragically collapsed from the stairs in her school and passed away after bearing the injuries.

Perhaps, the educational board needs to review the policies. Overwhelmed by circumstances, where her heartless sister Neesha (Minal Khan) has stolen her husband Asfand (Emmad Irfani) and she is left alone with a newborn baby, Meenu (Areeba Habib… But that’s the reality, and it was recognized after approaching the small screen. Pemra took notice and banned the drama for some weeks but it was back on screens after a couple of weeks and has been airing since then as per routine. Recently, Areeba appeared in a TV show hosted by Ahsan Khan.

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