2018 tiguan reliability reddit

Lastly, leases are more expensive here because our winters. It has comfortable seats in both the front and the back, with sufficient leg room in all areas.

I’ve been driving the CX-5 since 2013 and I love it. I previously owned a 2002 Jetta for many years with no issues.

I think your comment has been the most helpful I’ve read.

We have used it for long road trips.

For the size of this small truck you have a high level of comfort of the big ones. Great car overall with only a few flaws. Performance wise, the vehicle handles extremely well and gets up to speed when is necessary. Here's some more info about me in case you have any suggestions.

Repairs are less severe and less frequent than the average car, so the Jetta is one of the more, My 2018 Volkswagen tiguan is the perfect car for a college student or young adult. However everything else about it has been very convenient for me and my family. It has tons of on demand power and powers through large hills without downshifting once it gets moving. Warranty - The People's First warranty is one of the best currently offered.

My new one has 12k already and same thing oil changes only so far. It is not that old and has had a few recalls already from the manufacturer.

A refreshed 2022 Hyundai Kona is on the way, equipped with revised styling and available in a performance-tuned N Line version that is certain to turn the little crossover SUV’s fun factor up to 11. There are times I am backing up, in a drive-thru or have to quickly brake and the sensors and alarms start screaming at me and startle me.

We love the design and it is very reliable too.

(30 highway, 25 in town) The Tiguan is a lot of car for the money- we initially went in to drive an Atlas, but ended up liking the Tiguan and its price point much better. First they thought the cylinder head was leaking.

I was worried about the maintenance but since my work pays for that I don’t need to worry much about it.

The car is pretty.

I still like the vehicle and I'm happy that the Tiguan fits within my price point. The Volkswagen tiguan has agile steering capabilities and drives excellent in the snow. I think this car would have been better if it had been offered with the black trim, which is only available in the next year's model. Edmunds estimates the five-year cost of a Tiquan SE to be about $4,000 more than a CRV EX. I like the compact aspect of it and also that you can transport quite a bit when the back seats are down. But before I make any commitment to purchase I wanted to do my research... Consumer Reports has all the recalls listed for the 2018 Tiguan. We want to keep either of the two we buy for a long time, we're thinking 8+ year range. Just perfect.

This is the second one I have own and I have only had one mechanical issue with it and that was the freon level of my air-conditioning unit was low, but they took care of it immediately I love the fact that it takes regular gas, and other than oil changes has been maintenance free for me for all these years. research process is at the heart of what we do and remains our number one priority.

I enjoy having Bluetooth it keeps me with my eyes on the road and not on the phone.

Things I like about the new 18 Tiguan are it now takes regular octane, comes in FWD (simpler to maintain long-term), has a brand-new 8-speed automatic transmission and good ground clearance. There is plenty of legroom. Here's the offer the VW Salmesmen gave me. It had excellent gas mileage and rides really smooth.

A big no-no if you are looking for reliability.

With CarPlay, though, it does not really function as well. The best of the best. My third row is a little small and does not comfortably fit adults but smaller kids fit great.

Comfortable, good design, open roof, all amenities.


And the performance is also good. I'm somewhat bummed about how they toned down the performance of this latest generation Tiguan, cutting horsepower while increasing size, and softening the steering. Please note that verified professionals will have flair, take advice from non-flaired users with discretion.

Congratulations on your sedan!

I enjoy having a car that is reliable and my kids think it is cool which helps too. The vehicle is reliable and performs well. Also to add. I need to sleep overnight in this vehicle on occasions and doing so on a twin mattress is perfectly adequate.

Reliable car that gets the job done. 80,000km and 4 year. I live into Toronto so this is Canadian Dollar. Learn About Us. None - perfect car, very reliable - great customer service.

The large touch screen. Not much engine, but fast enough move on the highway. The tiguan is a great vehicle for everyone at every age. Tiguan forces one in to leather to get some of the safety I would have wanted. There is plenty of legroom. I have efficient space in my car to keep my work supplies in the trunk and am able to haul larger objects than would be expected out of most hybrid SUVs.

This is the second one I have own and I have only had one mechanical issue with it and that was the freon level of my air-conditioning unit was low, but they took care of it immediately I love the fact that it takes regular gas, and other than oil changes has been maintenance free for me for all these years. Another thing I love about Volkswagen or any other German car is how long you can go without getting an oil change, overall I would recommend. and I have never had issues.

I like how there is air conditioning in the front and back which is great for hot days. Repairs are less severe and less frequent than the average car, so the Jetta is one of the more reliable vehicles on the road. Great sized vehicle, perfect for my small family and two dogs. Two decades is a long time to observe a market segment before jumping in, but based on a week driving the 2018 Tiguan, it was time well spent by Volkswagen. and performs well.

Reliable car that gets the job done.

Handles better. It has many great safety features and I love the technology inside! No brainer, Mazda is much better.

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The tiguan is a comfortable car, spacious and affordable. Mileage is decent for a midsize SUV. The 2018 Tiguan isn’t just longer than its forebear, it’s also noticeably heavier.

The crash test ratings are good for this vehicle which is important for me. Follow the maintenance schedule and you should be fine. Some safety features aren't present even after getting what is available.

I enjoy having Bluetooth it keeps me with my eyes on the road and not on the phone.

Infotainment screen has a lot to offer, and has a cool feature where screen prompts can sense your hand getting closer. Secondly - the Tiguan has a 6 year BUMPER TO BUMPER - so at least that long you're good. It works well through various weather conditions, including snow and rain.

Clean cut - very professional. The vehicle is more than sufficient for the price, my household owns two because of this.

With CarPlay, though, it does not really function as well. .

I love how it drives, the size, features, etc.

Price range: $30,000 - $40,000 CAD / $23,000 - 30,000 USD. 2019 Vehicle Dependability: Most Dependable Luxury Coupes and Convertibles, 10 Most Popular Midsize SUVs and Crossovers.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE Really love this car, I would say it's great for a first car for any teen or young adult.

Great performance, perfect size for my family or any family, love the 3rd row seat even though I do not used that often, amazing design, good looking, family oriented, great value for the money. research process is at the heart of what we do and remains our number one priority. Great gas mileage, safety features, and style!

Is a car that you can use for anything.

The Gen 3 of the EA888 engine has improved the design against carbon build up. Eyesight is neat option, standard on some models. Some people say that the handling is just adequate but it is fine for me. Overall, a good, reliable, mid priced car, but not high end in any way. Hence, the 6/72k being offered on the vehicle. The car has a spacious back row and a great trunk that holds a lot! Yes. Learn About Us.

I adore the look of it. I would give it 0 stars if I could. Collectively, we have driven our cars for 9 years. I like keeping track of mileage and when I last needed maintenance. Any insight on mechanical reliability, but also just the general expected build quality would be appreciated. I am a huge fan of them. I have driven Volkswagens for the past 7 years, and am unwilling to change over to a different manufacturer due to the dependability of this car, as well as the drive being smoother than any other car I have driven. It is a good car however the ac vents are small so it takes longer to cool off which is unfortunate for me because I live in Florida.

The engine appears to be engineered towards torque instead of horsepower. If you want to hold on to your car for ten years, do not get a VW.

It handles great, has power and is responsive. I'm required to buy a new vehicle every 3-4 (maybe 5) years, so I am looking for a good resale value. - great customer service. The third row seat is not really big enough for adults (no leg room) but otherwise I have no negatives about the vehicle.

But I wanted to ask the subreddit if the reliability really has been that bad on the 2018 Tiguans? This car has a third row of seats at the back with room just for 2 small persons or two children. But it's on the VERY high end of my budget, Audi Q3 (in price range but a little small), Toyota Rav 4 2019 redesign but the release date is unknown, Warranty: Is very important to me.

Plenty of storage space and space for 4 adults.

However, we're more so just trying to pick the (potentially) more reliable of the two. Great reliable car, with very minimal maintenance. This car is very reliable.

Edit: For everyone suggesting I lease please understand I will be driving 25-35,000 a year. This car has absolutely wonderful gas mileages in both city and highway! There was a recall because of moon roof. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a svu and want a, The Volkswagen tiguan SUV is really fit for our family.

I am looking at a 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan Sport - $15,990 (taxes/fees not included) with 41K miles. Conversely, Tiguan buyers are less concerned about reliability, maintenance costs, and fuel economy than are Small SUV buyers as a group. What I had described above regarding the 2013 Tiguan would be less likely to happen in your Tiguan. I stand behind the brand 1000%. Driving it is a very smooth and connected experience, and the built in safety features come in handy most times. Sometimes lots of bugs get trapped on the front grill.

The horsepower on this vehicle is 184. The Reliability score is based on our latest subscriber survey of 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan owners. The car drives well in the snow and ice and is not too bulky like other SUVs.

I currently drive an 04 Pontiac Vibe. CX-5 probably will be more reliable, but the Tiguan has twice the warranty length... are you more concerned with downtime or repair costs?

Car is slow and kind of ugly.

I also feel very comfortable knowing the doors lock automatically after I get in. Performance is adequate.

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